DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone 10KM FPV with 2.7K 30fps Video 3-Axis Gimbal (REVIEW)


The DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone two additional smart flight batteries, the RC-N1 remote control, three pairs of propellers, a propeller restraint, a shoulder bag, and other accessories that are included in the free flight kit. The author suggests purchasing a free-flying suit if you want to fly comfortably and for an extended period of time.

DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone


The DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone is equipped with DJI’s Ocusync2.0 graphics technology, allowing it to transmit high-definition video at a distance of 10 kilometers and fly twice as far as the original Mini SE. Also, The Mini 2 SE can maintain a stable hover in winds of 10.7 m/s thanks to its level 5 wind resistance. The Mini 2 SE, on the other hand, lacks an object avoidance sensor, unlike the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone


The camera is mounted on a three-axis gimbal for stable video and photo shooting and has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor that can record 2.7K video or 12-megapixel photos. The Mini 2 SE is equipped by Dji with QuickShots, Panorama mode, and support for 4x digital zoom when shooting HD video to make it easier to create more imaginative videos and photos.

DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone

DJI also said that the Mini 2 SE can fly for 31 minutes on a single charge, which is a small improvement over the previous model’s 30 minutes. Additionally, the DJI Mini 2 SE’s DJI Fly APP contains a map. The map also contains reminders of restricted-fly zones and no-fly zones, allowing us to fly at any time before heading out, in addition to recommending suitable locations for aerial photography. Check the destination’s current flight status.

DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone


DJI Mini 2 SE RC Drone is one of the finest gimble you will have. Also, It comes with excellent features, a long battery, and high flight time. It is easily available at Banggood 


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