DJI Mini 3 Drone: Little Bit Expensive Than Previous Gen


The DJI Mini 3 drone that was exposed not long ago has new news. @Aerialphotography broke the news that DJI notified relevant personnel that there will be new product training in the near future, and analyzed that the mini 3 will be officially released around April 28, in the form of online activities.

We know that among the aerial photography drones currently sold by DJI, the mini-series is the most entry-level existence. The mini SE is only 1999 yuan, and the mini 2 is 2899 yuan. But this time, the news said that the mini 3 is not a direct replacement for the mini 2, and the price will be more expensive, just slightly lower than the Air 2 (4999 yuan) . DJI’s strategy is to give consumers more choices through differentiated product points.

The so-called differentiated selling points include adding a remote control with a screen, increasing the battery capacity to 2453mAh, upgrading the camera to E24 F1.7, improving the three-axis gimbal, changing the folding method of the forearm and the rear arm, changing the forearm to a hinge, and the rear arm for folding axis.

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However, DJI Mini 3 drone body still maintains a weight of 249g, which is very light and portable. As for 1-inch CMOS (mini 2 is 1/2.3-inch, 12 million pixels, up to 4K 30P), it will only be optional at most.

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