DJI Phantom 4 UAV RC Drone Review


In March 2016, DJI has officially released DJI Phantom 4 UAV with environmental awareness and obstacle avoidance, visual tracking features. Before sharing with you, we just thought UAV is toy to play, after experiencing it officially, we have good knowledge about UAV, there is something dangerous happened in the sky to fly. So before it flying, we need to choose the right place and keep it safe.

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RC Drone is not a portable products, for Phantom 4’s package, DJI provides very interesting plan to design the UAV like a container. It can finish the package by DJI itself. And it can also pack the motors and UAV freely which can meet the needs of half an hour.

Appearance and Battery


DJI Phantom 4 has continued its design as the consistent design language and industrial ID, optimized on the original design. Compared with Phantom 3, Phantom 4 design looks more streamlined, ventilation hole also shift to below the body. Its gimbal and body takes unibody design with  white shell of the lacquer texture to make DJI Phantom 4 more integrated. The right front end of Phantom 4 remote control will replace pause button to original photo video playback button, used for the “brake” in the process of several intelligent flight mode.Tthe left front switch has changed the P-A-F of third generations into P-S- F of fourth generation, increasing the sports mode. Phantom 3 plastic stent  has been replaced full metal stents, so it will be more solid when installing the large tablet pc or PC.





In design optimization and battery optimization, the battery life of DJI Phantom 4 has improved from 23minutes to 28 minutes which makes us surprise.
The most outstanding feature of Phantom 4 is to use the computer vision which means installing the eyes for UAV. After installing eyes, Phantom 4 has provided guidance flight, smart avoidance, smart following and other functions.

Smart obstacle Avoidance–Safer Shooting

Smart avoidance uses  distance measurement method, it can control a UAV flying speed in the effective distance between 0.7 meters to 15 meters and adjust the time to stop and avoid the collision. When starting smart obstacle avoidance to take the videos, we can choose to rise around or go around when it confronted the obstacles. When it is flying with incorrect operation, it can also avoid the collision of UAV. You can the photo that when it has 2.5m far away from the tree, it starts to take Smart obstacle Avoidance function to avoid.

Guidance Flight–More fluent camera

It is a good feature to start guidance flight for a UAV, you don’t have to control the RC drone, you can take a long video by the camera to simplify the operation difficulty and improve the successful rate of shooting. Meanwhile, it has shortcomings, it just take the video or pictures in two-dimension, not in 3D. So sometimes, it’s not so accurate in guiding its place.

Smart Follow–More Novel selfie and Taking photos.

It will be the best features for those selfie lovers. In the films of Hollywood, following shooting is the most commonly used camera language. But if you want to take the fluent footage, it is really hard. it often needs to take into account the movement of objects photographed and control of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to avoid the obstacles in the flight movement. Smart Following shooting will be the combination of the items recognition and guidance flight.

Of course, there are a lot of surface for an object. In filming process, DJI Phantom 4 processor will build the object’s 3D image to learn its appearance and its movement and improve its tracking precision of identification. Below you can see all though the  identification box is not accurate, the DJI Phantom 4 still identify the front, top and back.

No matter what function it is, its computer vision and machine learning brings us much more convenience. And its smart obstacle avoidance also makes us operate safer. . You can also play this Phantom 4 in sport mode to improve its speed to 72 kilometers (20m/s) which will make you feel fast speed and cool.  Therefore, DJI Phantom 4 is a flagship RC Drone or UAV for us. If you are a drone lover, you can have a try to enjoy flight happiness.

Update: DJI Phantom 4  coupon code: GBDJI4L at $ $999.




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