DJI Released First Cinema Grade Zoom Lens DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH at 9,999 yuan, $1470


Dji released its first cinema-grade zoom lens DL PZ 17-28mm T3.0 ASPH, specially designed for Ronin 4D and X9 head, bringing a new experience of energy efficiency and picture quality, priced at 9999 yuan, $1470.

17-28mm focal length, covering ultra-wide Angle to wide angle focal segment. No matter the vast landscape or narrow space, a single lens can be flexible composition. Recently, the focus distance is only 19cm, and the subject is in close sight. The use of ultra wide – angle close – shot exaggerated perspective, can bring more impact image performance.

It uses ultra-low dispersion lenses to greatly reduce imaging dispersion and aberration, and combines with aspheric lenses to bring better picture quality. Center to corner resolution is excellent enough for 8K video recording.

Built-in servo zoom motor, can be directly powered through DL bayonet drive. It can achieve smooth and reliable zoom effect without additional installation of the following motor. The center of gravity will not be shifted in the zoom process, and the no-leveling zoom can be realized with Ronin 4D and X9 gimbal cameras.

The lens originally supports Ronin 4D and X9 gimbal cameras and can be controlled with focus without calibration. Thanks to the precise rear focus control and the original calibration configuration, automatic focus, manual focus and hand-integrated focus experience are more accurate and outstanding.

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The longest lens is only 117.2mm, 67mm filter. It is made of aluminum magnesium alloy and weighs only about 520g.


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