DJI Robomaster TT Introduced, New Education Programmable Drone


The drones manufacturer DJI, known for its photo and video drones, is now expanding its Robomaster series with a drone, the Robomaster Tello Talent, or just Robomaster TT, which includes all the features of its predecessor, the Tello EDU, and adds several other new features thanks to a combination of hardware and software.

The new DJI Robomaster TT is equipped with an open-source computing chip ESP32 that supports offline coding on the Arduino, MicroPython, and Scratch platforms. Students can write custom codes to change the colors and flash frequency of the RGB LED light, or create simple shapes, animations, and letter scroll effects in the LED dot matrix.

The new software includes the ability to fly swarms. With this new program, students can program the swarm to perform customized maneuvers and formations with simple coding languages, such as Scratch, Swift, and Python.

The Head of DJI Education Jianrong Gao says

.“ We are excited to not only add a new product but an entire educational support system to our list of educational innovation. As we continue to expand DJI Education, we look forward to providing new and impactful tools and hardware for teachers in order to stimulate the next generation of technology innovators, ”

“ RoboMaster TT was specifically designed to attract students while cultivating knowledge in AI robotics, programming in a fun, easy to digest and practical way, which is crucial for applying real-world knowledge, ” he adds.

According to DJI, Robomaster Tello Talent “aims to lower the barrier to entry in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology through a fun toy drone, intuitive and easy to use application and a unique curriculum system for students at all levels ”.

The DJI Robomaster TT also features a 5MP camera, an enhanced 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi module, and an infrared depth sensor (ToF). It is a sensor similar to those found in the Inspire 2 and Mavic 2 Pro, allowing the detection of distances up to 1.2 meters and avoiding simple obstacles. RoboMaster Tello TT is available for purchase starting today on and DJI official stores, priced at €259 (about $316).

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