DJI Smart Controller With Built-In Screen For Mavic 2 Is Announced For $649


DJI announced at CES its new controller, the DJI Smart Controller, compatible with all the drone models of the Mavic 2 line, bringing as a highlight an integrated 5.5-inch screen without the need for a smartphone to control the drone, along with it all the technologies offered by traditional control, such as OcuSync 2.0, which enables the transmission of 1080p drone images for control and control distance of up to 8km, as well as a 1000 cd / m2 display for better image visualization in different lighting scenarios.

Unlike other company control models, the Smart Controller follows the concept of the Mavic line drones, with a portable product footprint despite the integrated display. It is also possible to remove the sticks as with the Mavic 2 and Mavic Air controls.

It has like other highlights, the Android operating system, supporting a number of apps in addition to the DJI Go 4. The company has highlighted ease of sharing the videos and photos stored in the control for the smartphone. The Smart Controller comes with 5000mAh battery and Quick Charging support, reaching more than 2.5 hours of sequential use. Other features already found in traditional control such as quick-access buttons for some flight modes, such as 8km control distance are also present.

In the connections part, it features an HDMI with support for 4K 60FPS, microphones and speakers. When transmitting in live mode it is possible to narrate what is being recorded, just as it is with the smartphone. Another point that DJI pointed out is that it allows connection to the drone much faster since it does not need the process of connecting the phone.

Finally, DJI Smart Controller was developed to withstand extreme temperature conditions, from -20 to 40 degrees. Its price is $649, with the sale beginning for the coming weeks.

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