DJI Spark Aerial Photography Selfie Pocket Drone Design, Features Review with Coupon


DJI just launched its own selfie drone. The smallest, lightest, and least expensive drone in the company’s hangar, the DJI Spark costs $559 on Tomtop. It is capable of 1080p HD video capture, features a 2-axis gimbal and uses a 1/2.3-inch 12MP CMOS sensor.


DJI wants everyone to own a Spark. DJI tried to design the Spark so that experienced drone pilots, weekend warriors, and stay-at-home moms alike would feel they needed this miniature flying camera. With a quick launch time, compact size, easy usability, excellent camera, and attractive price point, DJI wants one of these in every home. The size of a soda can, the unit weighs just 300g. Despite its small footprint, Spark can fly up to 50 kph, offers a 100 m range (when controlled by a smart device) and has a 16 min flight time. Other highlights include multiple sensors for accident avoidance, gesture control, micro-USB charging and DJI’s Intelligent Flight modes. The unit can be controlled via hand gestures alone, a smart device or a controller.


DJI Spark Has Full HD video capability and 12 megapixels make this drone one of the most affordable ways to capture photos and videos that you are proud of. DJI’s cameras have been getting better, so despite the low price of this drone, we expect this camera will blow away any comparably priced competition.

Unlike other DJI products, which all have a 3-axis gimbal, the Spark has only a 2-axis gimbal. DJI decided to save cost and decrease the size of the Spark by forgoing the third axis, which stabilizes the camera in yaw (rotation about the vertical axis). Don’t expect your image quality to suffer much, drones are very stable in yaw except for in heavy wind.

16 minutes of flight time might disappoint some pilots but it is most other drones of this size. If you buy the Fly More Combo you can add a second battery and another 16 minutes of flight time. With forward facing and bottom facing sensors, the Spark is the only drone this small with obstacle avoidance. This feature will make more people comfortable flying the Spark.

If you are flying your Spark with only your smartphone you’ll be limited to 109 yards. If you want more range you will need to get the optional remote that comes in the Fly More Combo. The optional remote will get you 2000 meters (1.2 miles of range), twice that of the similarly priced Phantom 3 Standard. The Phantom 3 Standard is much larger but comes with a 3-axis gimbal. The DJI Spark remote will significantly improve the range of the Spark.

DJI introduced the all new QuickShot Modes. You get four quick and easy modes to capture quick footage on the go. They are Rocket for quick vertical videos, Drone for the quick selfie, Circle for orbiting the subject and Helix which will corkscrew around and away from the subject. DJI touts these as simple and easy to use modes for the Spark. You will still get the Top fly and Active track modes that have become common in recent DJI releases like the Mavic and Phantom 4 Pro.

This is the first drone of its kind to be able to be operated without a remote of any kind. You can get it flying without even taking your smartphone out of your pocket. It responds to a number of hand gestures and can even snap pictures for you. The new DJI GO 4 app not only allows you to control your Spark but also allows you to edit your videos. With a new quick editing feature, you can splice together videos add transitions and music in seconds.


If you are looking for a small portable drone that is still capable of taking really good 4K video then you need to consider the DJI Spark. Its intuitive features and ease of use really are a game changer. DJI wanted people to be able to tell their story using a drone and DJI just made it easier for anyone to do so. You can buy From TOMTOP to use coupon  code: HTYDJIS28  at $ 510.99.

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