DJI Spark MM1A RC Drone First Unveils


Recently, there is latest news about DJI that it is said they will release new product on April 15, but we still haven’t seen the real photos, until now, we have finally seen the real photos about DJI new drone.

According to leaked photos, the new DJI model is MM1A with 2.4GHz~5.8GHz frequency. The appearance of DJI MM1A looks like Yuneec Breeze, but if there is no DJI logo, we really can’t see it is from DJI. On the right is the foldable propeller.

According to its side photos, DJI MM1A has around 13cm length, smaller than DJI Mavic and Ipad MINI, but its arms can’t be folded like DJI Mavic. The installing way of propellers should be fast disassembly type.

From the bottom, we can see some information, the gimbal seems two axis with ultrasonic and optical flow sensor, the battery design is similar to that of Mavic. Due to unclear images, we can’t see the battery capacity clearly.

From the photo, we can see the battery of DJI Spark MM1A has four metal touch point, which should be charged without taking the battery down. In addition, the gimbal is a little large, the camera doesn’t locate in the middle, so which sensor will be on the right side? Let’s see more details later.

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