DM30 4G Smartwatch Review – 1G/4G RAM+ 16/64G ROM at €93.31 From WiiBuying (Coupon)


DM30 4G Smartwatch is a health and fitness tracker for everyone. It tells you the time, your heart rate, oxygen levels, and your activity level. With 9 sports modes to choose from – no matter what type of workout you do, the DM30 can track it all!


DM30 4G Smartwatch git a business sport design that looks stylish, fashionable; and suitable for men and women. Measuring 54*52.6*16.7mm and weighing about 70g. The DM30 4G Smartwatch body is made out of zinc alloy with a ceramic bezel while the strap is removable and available in Leather+TPU. Having a 5MP dual camera for the Side camera and Front camera, convenience for video call and Face ID verification.


The NRF52832 is supplemented by an SC9832E. SC9832E+NRF52832 dual system. With low power consumption chip, under the work of sports, music, heart rate, sleep monitor and other multi-sensor, to achieve lower power consumption computing, inheritance, and innovation of the proud of the battery life. The main memory measures four gigabytes, the internal memory measures 64 or 128 gigabytes, depending on the model variant. The resolution of the 1.6-inch touchscreen is 400 x 400 pixels, and several physical buttons are available for operation.

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With the DM30, a well-equipped smartwatch based on Android is now available. The device has two chips and can therefore be operated in two fundamentally different modes. Specifically, it can be used as a full Android smartwatch or as a comparatively simple, smartwatch. Android version 9.1 is used – and not in the Wear version. According to the manufacturer, APKs can be installed, which basically makes the use of countless apps possible – non-customized apps are potentially very difficult to use.

Two cameras are part of the equipment. These also allow the smartwatch to be unlocked with a picture of your own face. The built-in heart rate sensor allows the recording of sporting activities. Since both an LTE modem and a GPS module are installed, athletes can do without a smartphone and still record both the intensity of the exercise and the distance covered – and at the same time have a means of communication with them in an emergency. A 1,050 mAh battery is built-in, the battery life depends, as usual, on the actual use – experience has shown that smartwatches based on the smartphone run out of juice quickly.


The DM30 4G Smartwatch is equipped with an HD large screen and is easy to operate. The large battery supports long-term operation or long-term standby without frequent charging. The inner part is a new high-tech chip, and the outer part is a modern fashion style. Built-in 2 HD cameras, 1 on the top and 1 on the side. We can buy it from WiiBuying at $111.99/€93.31 by using Coupon code: DM30SWII


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