Do you have tactic in casino?


A great amount of gambling games depends on random factors. But anyway it is possible to influence the chances or the profit in total. Mathematical calculations and a lot of experience can help during a gambling session.

Notice that the games against other players are more likely to win. The reason is that such games are based generally not only on chances and mathematical formulas. But to win against real people you should be a perfect player. Describe tactics in such games in this article is a bad idea because it can stretch on a lot of pages. So if you want to achieve success in games like slots, roulette and others on different sites like here is a shortlist of popular guides.

The list of some tactics

  • The first tactic is familiar to a majority of players. Maybe many players have used it at least once. The name of it is Martingale Strategyand it is about multiplying wager after losses. The bet should be minimal. Each time you lose you increase the wager by 2 times. After winning put the nominal wager again. This way you will always get your money back + a first bet. But take into account that you need a lot of money if there will be a lot of losses in a row.
  • Whittaker system. Similar to the previous one, it is based on progressions. But here the principle of increasing the bets can be compared with the Fibonacci numbers. When you lose, increase wager on the amount equal to the two previous stakes. After the success, move back two steps. For example, there is such a line of bets: 1-1-2-3-5-8-3. As you can see, a player won after 8 and then decreased the wager to 3.
  • Labouchere roulette strategy. At first, decide how much money you would like to win at a cycle. Then divide that sum into several parts (usually 4 or 6). For example, the total amount is 100. The line can be 20, 10, 40, 30 (the sequence can be ignored). Then you make the first bet which is equal to the sum of first and last numbers (20 + 30). If it was a winning bet, throw these numbers away. In another case, add the value of the bet at the end of the line (20, 10, 40, 30, 50). Do it until the line will be empty.
  • 5 of 6 betting strategy. It should be said that the system can require huge amounts of money but the chances of winning roulette also will be high. Put 5 bets on groups in order to cover 30 of 37 slots. The chances at this moment are 81% what is quite big, isn’t it?But if you lose the wager will be much higher. For instance, for 5$ loss it needs 30$. Despite the disadvantage of importance to have big bankrolls, it is a very popular and safe way to win roulette.
  • Oscar’s grind. Start with a small wager like in other tactics. Keep going with the same amount during the streak, it doesn’t matter winning or losing. After the streak ends, double the previous bet. For better understanding here is an example:

1st bet – lose (1$)

2nd – lose (1$)

3rd – win (1$)

4th – win (2$)

5th – lose (2$)

6th – win (3$)

  • Some players believe that a small pause between spinning while playing slots can give better prizes. In fact, it is helpful due to you have time to think. Emotions prevent us from logical actions so a few seconds can help to calm down and then decide what to do next. This way even after big winning it will be easier to leave.


The way you play, of course, important but the general rules are vital. It would be a great idea to set the limit of the money you can spend a day and make small bets (less than 5% from bankroll). Also, after the big winning leaving a casino is a clever idea.

You should understand that playing a casino as the main job is a bad idea. It is a cool and interesting way to spend time and have a lot of fun. Play wisely and maybe the losses will avoid you.


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