Dodocool Announced Its Own VIP Club Program to Get Discounts of Up To 50%!


The Dodocool brand is characterized by providing different high-quality technological products at an affordable price for all users, thus enabling them to make their lives easier. The company has just announced the arrival of the Dodocool VIP Club, which allows users enrolled in the program to have access to special discounts and much more.

The VIP Club program is available to all Dodocool users. By participating in the VIP Club you will have access to exclusive discounts up to 50 %, pre-release products, and many other benefits. With this program, Dodocool can receive feedback directly from its users for the new generation of connected devices for the smart-home it is creating.

All users who live in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Germany and Japan can participate in the Dodocool VIP Club.

What the company produces is great computer peripherals, smartphones accessories, power bricks, and more. And despite the fact that their prices are great, build quality and performance are high. Find more information about the VIP Club program and how to register just visit the VIP Page.


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