DODOCOOL Now Starts A Big 11.11 Sale On Thier Products at AMAZON (Coupons Inside)


The Biggest acceceries Manufacture Company is preparing for the Day of the Bach, a very significant Festival, which is celebrated annually on November 11. In honor of the DODOCOOL Shopping Sale On AMAZON, the store sells All of goods oF Dodocool from Different categories, among which there are very popular goods in worldwide. and today we have 3 new and special items from DODOCOOL lets check it out!

3: DODOCOOL WiFi Adapter AC600 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter

The dodocool WiFi Adapter AC600 next-generation 802.11ac wireless standard is set to revolutionize Wi-Fi. Super-speed 802.11ac dual-band routers are already available but wireless devices are still stuck with 802.11n technology. Upgrade your wireless device to dual-band 802.11ac with the fastest possible USB 2.0 connectivity for blistering Wi-Fi speeds on the interference-free 5Ghz frequency band.So once up-and-running, the Sitecom AC600 works fine under Linux and even sees and connects to 5 GHz networks. But not without a caveat of course. I needed to configure a 5 GHz channel below 100 (I chose 48) on my Apple Airport Extreme, or the Wi-Fi dongle would not see the 5GHz network and would not be able to connect to it.The dodocool WiFi Adapter AC600 is the next generation of Wi-Fi adapter, compatible with the draft 802.11ac standard and delivering speeds of up to 433Mbps at 5GHz – almost three times as fast as 802.11n. Upgrade PCs and notebooks to super high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi and enjoy streaming video and data.

2: Fast Wireless Charger dodocool 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad

dodocool Fast Wireless Charger allows you to charge your fast wireless charging supported devices up to 1.5 times faster than standard wireless charging pads. You can charge your compatible Galaxy smartphones, and other Qi-compatible devices, without the need to connect your phone to a cable.Firstly, please confirm your phone supports wireless charging and built-in receiver coil.Secondly, Please make sure it has connected with the power, you can see the LED indicator light, which indicates the standby status (green) and charging status (blue). Please adjust the position of your cell phones. Please press the bottom button on the back to release the bottom support. Up to 1.5 times faster than standard wireless charging pads, reducing total charging time by up to 50 minutes! Capable of fully charging your Galaxy S7 edge / S7 / Note5 / S6 edge+ in about 2.5 hours.

1: DODOCOOL USB Charger 6 Ports USB Charging Station

6 Charging Ports: 5 universal USB charging ports and 1 USB-C port enables you to charge up to 5 USB-powered devices and 1 USB-C device simultaneously with high efficiency.Reversible USB-C Port and Power Delivery: The user-friendly reversible USB-C port enables you to plug the USB-C connector into it without worrying about the right direction. Deliver the optimal charging current of up to 3A for your USB-C device. Support power delivery of up to 30W.Rated DOE Level VI for Energy Efficiency: Meet new energy efficiency requirements of DOE Level VI, the highest energy efficiency rating.Safety Guarantee: Built-in over-heating, over-current, over-voltage, overload, short-circuit and surge protection keeps you and your devices safe.Travel Ready: Incredibly compact size makes it easy to fit into your pocket, bag or suitcase. International voltage compatibility (AC 100-240 V) and space-saving design make it an ideal travel adapter. A detachable 1.5m AC power cord is provided.dodocool 6-port USB Power Adapter with USB-C Power Delivery is a powerful charging station with 1 USB-C port and 5 universal USB-A charging ports. With the total 60 watts of power (30W for the USB-C Port and 30W for 5 Universal USB Ports), it is capable of providing the high charging speed for up to 6 devices simultaneously. Portable and compact size make it perfect for daily or travel use.


So! these are the product and these available at very limited prices at this moment.and the offer and Coupon Code valid Today to 15th NOV.

3: DODOCOOL WiFi Adapter AC600 Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter Now Available on AMAZON just Euro14.99 than using this Coupon Code: EAVZXCGL price will down at Euro5.99

2: Fast Wireless Charger dodocool 10W Qi Wireless Charging Pad Now Available at AMAZON just Euro19.99 than using Coupon Code: DINWESC2 price will down at euro6.99

1: DODOCOOL USB Charger 6 Ports USB Charging Station Now Available at AMAZON just EUro24.99 than using Coupon Code: LZW5C2PH price will down at Euro11.99


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