Doogee G1 Review: Best Bluetooth GamePad to Play PUBG Mobile and Fortnite on Android Phones


Do you want to play Games seriously from a Smartphone or Tablet? At this point you will need a gamepad, here are some interesting Doogee G1 Gamepad for you. Yes! we talk about Doogee G1 Bluetooth Gamepad, really very useful for all those who want to play seriously on Smartphones and Tablets. The distinctive feature of the new Doogee S70 smartphone is that it can be paired with a dedicated gamepad “specifically designed for professional gaming adventures”, as the company writes. Offers superior ergonomics in gaming sessions, physical buttons with better feedback than glass and Bluetooth technology support for interfacing with the device.


It is completely made of plastic and therefore needs to be handled with care. Otherwise, it offers a pleasant grip and a housing in which the S70 sits perfectly. Both devices are connected via Bluetooth. The gamepad is 208 mm wide, 88 mm high and 48 mm thin (landscape). It has a 360-degree free steering and four directional buttons – LT, RT, LB, L3. The device comes with its own USB charging cable and a quick start guide.


The gamepad is wireless 3.0 / 4.0 compliant and supports a wireless connection from 2 to 10 meters. It works with both Android and iOS handsets and has its own CPU (ARM968E-SCore) and a 400 mAh rechargeable 3.7 V battery. DOOGEE G1, which connects to the DOOGEE S70 via Bluetooth. This gamepad offers responsive buttons, smooth lines, comfortable grip, smooth operation, and precise focus, and is an invaluable tool for every player. Thanks to the practical joystick and multifunction buttons, the DOOGEE G1 turns the rugged handset into a top game console.


This Doogee G1 Gamepad is designed specifically for the S70. You can clip this accessory to your phone to enable a gaming joystick controller. Learn more about the company on their official website.


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