Doogee Launched BL12000 Its Blockbuster with 12000mAh Battery, Now in Presale For Just $179.99


Getting embarrassed by the warning of low battery? Being crazy about the black mirror of the phone and the unfinished chatting and games? Tired of the dumb power bank every day? Doogee BL12000, the new battery monster with 12000mAh battery, redefining the concept of large battery phone, brings the nightmare of the power bank industry. This groundbreaking smartphone is sold on Banggood now!

Naturally, you may think about the dumb size and the bulk volume of the phone, Taking it as a new brand of power bank. But it is not strange that you will be totally spellbound the sight of this beauty.

Consolidated with the new technology of Lithium-ion polymer, BL12000 can provide you with 42 Days of standby time and 90 Hours of call, 25 Hours of Video Playing, just for the convenience of you. Leave away from the power bank; discard the messy USB cable from your bag, BL12000 would be desirable!

Apart from the extraordinary durability, BL12000 also shows its specialty in fast charging. With charging current improved to 12V-3A, now you won’t be worried about long and tedious charging time with BL12000.4 hours to charge a phone with the battery volume of 4 iPhone X is satisfying for practical use. The OTG function also adds brilliance to this smartphone. With BL12000 in your hand, you can support other devices with durable power, getting your pad, Kindle, electronic watch easily charged.

Apart from the impressive large battery, BL12000 is an eye-catchy with the brilliant design of four cameras. Not only The 130° wide-angle front camera is applied to create stunning Selfies for 10 or more of your friends, the other 16.0MP super selfie camera is also excellent to take clear selfies. Furthermore, adopted with PDAF, the 16.0MP + 13.0MP rear dual cameras on BL12000 can focus on 0.1s, which is professional in shooting and recording the memorable moments.

Compounded by the high tech of a large battery, fast charging, and the strong OTG support, BL12000 demonstrates an example of utility, durability, as well as the innovative and artistic design. We have reasons to have a high expectation when this new product hits the market.

Unlike other smartphones in development that show their prototypes but it is never clear when they can be obtained in the market, the DOOGEE BL12000 price will be quite competitive and accessible with a preferential offer $179.99 valid from January 8 to January 15 on Banggood.  DOOGEE BL12000 is about to become a reality. What do you think about this new Smartphone with two batteries?


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