DOOGEE Mix, Mix 2 Twilight Color and BL12000 Aurora Blue Color Show up Beautifully Inside and Out


DOOGEE, the lifeful phone brands, always keep positive passion towards micro innovation. Constant surprises, the three well-known and revolutionary models, DOOGEE Mix, Mix 2 and BL12000, are said to be redesigned with special covers in gradient nebula colors. Among numerous tints from the vast universe space, the purple and blue elements are chosen to modulate elaborately into the dreamy twilight color and Aurora Blue. Several fantastic pictures are exposed and DOOGEE says these versions will be launched this year. Now, the three devices are beautiful inside and out referring to the strong operating performance.

Twilight Mix and Mix 2

Twilight DOOGEE Mix

Twilight DOOGEE Mix 2

Inspired by the magic hues of natural universe rays crash in the limitless space, DOOGEE designers have tested the gradient color combination hundreds of times, and finally, the twilight rear cover is selected for the Mix and Mix 2. Purple, a visible light with the shortest wavelength in the spectrum, represents the noble, gentle, elegant, mysterious and romantic images. While the Blue is on behalf of pure, cosmic, beautiful, calm and peaceful features. When the purple and blue two colors blend together, it generates mysterious and quiet universe nebular shell for the Mix and Mix 2. The gradient color device seems to born from the dawn or evening twilight sky of the day and night alternative.

Aurora Blue BL12000

Aurora Blue BL12000

As its breakthrough of 12000mAh huge battery, the special version of BL12000 is decorated with the eye-catching Aurora Blue color. Deriving from the planet the North Pole, the fleeting aurora line design and water-wave layer send out a sense of tranquility of arctic night. Due to the laser effect processed by the latest gradient coating technology after thousands of times of crafting, polishing, and electroplating, the Aurora Blue cover will shin between the blue and purple colors to get a different vision when you look or hold the phone at different directions.

A fresh and stunning phone color can not only bring users brand-new visual experience but totally different mood. The mysterious and elegant Twilight as well as the fleeting and tranquil Aurora Blue, have you attracted by the DOOGEE Mix/Mix 2 and Doogee BL12000?


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