Doogee Relased the Worlds First ATM15 and Walkie-Talkie Rugged Phone


The rugged phone is easy to be found in various scenes nowadays, like the field workers, adventurists and those who work daily with tools and machinery. Such persons appreciate the phone’s sturdy construction to meet their tormented use outdoors. While among the rugged devices released recently, DOOGEE S80 digital walkie-talkie rugged phone should be one of the typical representatives.

Inside this model, the digital walkie-talkie and rugged cellphone are integrated perfectly into a whole. It houses two big functions of both the ordinary mobile phone and interphone, fully reflecting the visual scheduling system solution. Furthermore, there is a saying that the application of visual scheduling system phone is even an essential force to promote the development of special industries, such as the Police System, Fire-fighting Line, Engineering Progress, etc. Why does the rugged phone with visual scheduling system can raise such a big wave?

Take the DOOGEE S80 as an example, which combines the digital walkie-talkie, accurate GPS and industrial phone design to realize visualization of event scene, personnel location, and on-site monitoring. Compared to the traditional interphone that teammates have mutual communication only through voice messages, DOOGEE S80 will satisfy more practical requirements from users.

For instance, the digital intercom enables phone holder to make clear calls without network no matter where and when fully achieving zero-delay communication for unexpected emergencies. It is especially applied in remote mountains and forests, isolated islands and desert areas.

Unlike common interphones, the walkie-talkie of DOOGEE S80 based on the digital signal with broader frequency and clearer calling quality. It passes tests of IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G and features 15 ATM waterproof rate (world’s first), 10080mAh huge battery and full Netcom.

DOOGEE S80 is more reliable for the outdoor adventurers, especially the global network band that supports sports teams to use worldwide. What’s more, the Europe hiking group, DOOGEE sponsored last month, ranks S80 as “ the most useful rugged phone for hiking” and “ It is an all-around assistant of extreme sports”. Get closer to the DOOGEE S80 in the video below.

similar to DOOGEE S70 gaming phone, S80 also employs pinpoint GPS and GLONASS. So adventurists can take good use of this function to search and rescue partners in trouble. Besides, visual scheduling system plays a great role in traffic monitoring to minimize traffic congestion.

according to different applications, users can set independent and secure group chats. Voice isolation conforms to communication confidentiality and does help in police distribution and command. Moreover, the 400-480MHz wide working frequency plus 10km effective distance are outstanding features in the interphone market.

As a rugged phone, DOOGEE S80 certainly possesses a sturdy and durable body, having passed the IP68, IP69K and MIL-STD-810G tests to meet all difficult environment. It contributes to the Emergency Relief, Field Search and Rescue, Public Safety, Deep Forest Exploration, Property Industry, Express Industry, Hotel, Logistics Industry and so on. The outdoor enthusiasts can stay tuned to the latest information published by DOOGEE.


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