Doogee S55 Lite: New Mid-Range Smartphone That Will Support Dual SIM and Dual VoLTE


There are reports that DOOGEE is about to announce a new Rugged smartphone. We speak of the S55, which is characterized by the IP68 certification. However, even the S55 Lite version deserves attention as it will have dual VoLTE dual SIM technology.

Users will be able to use the 4G network even when making a call and watching videos or high-quality audio content. The VoLTE, Voice over LTE is an IP data transmission technology, with all services based on 4G networks. Which means that both data and voice services are unified under the same network. In other words, 4G networks not only provide the data service but provide high-quality audio and video calls.

Most of the smartphones on the market at the moment, are not yet able to support VoLTE technology, however, the S55 Lite supports not only the VoLTE function but also the dual VoLTE for the dual SIM card. DOOGEE will introduce dual 4G VoLTE dual SIM technology into its S55 Lite.

This device uses a MediaTek MT6739 chip. It is an economic processor but with a high price ratio. Bring the 4G LTE network to both SIM slots on your smartphone. With the help of VoLTE tech, Doogee S55 Lite boasts more data transfer, more reliable signal coverage, lower power consumption, shorter ignition latency and clearer HD calls. The company is sure that this development will kick off a series of innovations in the Rugged smartphone sector.


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