Doogee S60 ROM Download and Install


Doogee S60 ROM  Latest version

Release date 2018/1/12
Version number: DOOGEE-S60-Android7.0_20170928_20180110-1501
File size : 1.5G
Download link!peoBmQzA!A0ccsKWl367guCpCHjniHQXWzp8oxZY3uZQqcW21qjk

Wireless update:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Go to settings > about phone > wireless update (update fail >> click HERE)
Update with SPflash tool:>>>>>>>>>>
Errors you may meet and solutions:>>>
How to catch a bug log:>>>>>>>>>>>>>

History version

Release date: 2017-11-27
File size: 1.5G
Download link:!EbQRDQaJ!jiGuoLlrxgAUquxs4J9LkA7tq41yOYjiwLmJ1hruUeA

Release date: 2017-10-30
File size: 1.5G
Download link:!BCBnlAYb!zoGYWPXMTEaYB6ej8f3KvFrbHZrmEX2p3eWlwOTNqg4

Release date: 2017-10-16
File size: 1.31G
Download link:!BD4VXSSb!94rtmbpqO5p4m7aCT2srUr1FHjUZp2wxyS7FaDbjE68

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Source: Doogee community

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