Doogee S90: A Digital Walkie-Talkie Module of Versatile Smartphone – the Outdoor Instant Communication Savior


Ever found yourself in a situation where your immaculate smartphone has no network and you really have to get in touch with someone not so far from where you are? Then you wish there is a walkie-talkie or a long string that just to get messages across. Doogee S90’ walkie-talkie module is here to improve outdoor instant communication experiences, such as camping, hiking.

The world’s first modular phone that includes not one but four modules that are very handy in an outdoor environment. Doogee S90 is available at the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform now that it has surpassed $10K in only 3 minutes and reached $120K taking just 24 hours. There is no more need to prove the popularity of Doogee S90, it speaks for itself. S90 review video from Unbox Therapy, the well-known technology media.

DOOGEE has grown to be a premium professional rugged phone manufacturer, and the Doogee S90 is their latest product set for launching this January, with the best configuration and innovation ideas for the outdoor man. The modules which include walkie-talkie(two-way radio)module, night vision camera module, power module, and the gamepad module make the Doogee S90 promises to be the most versatile smartphone ever made. It is powered by Helio P60 processor by MediaTek coupling with an outstanding 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM to support the impressive separate modules easily.

The modules are separate accessories that are connected to the smartphone through magnetic point absorption through 16-metal points placed on the rear bottom part of the phone cover. The magnetic force holds the selected module in place while the metal points act as data transmission points to and from the module feature as the S90 expands its user function and experience. The magnetic point absorption ensures that the user only spends 1-2 seconds to switch to a certain module, for example, the two-way radio module with no need to disassemble the phone cover or switch the phone off and on. Very easy design!

As expressed above, it is notably easy to switch between the phone and the digital walkie-talkie at any time, anywhere and in no time. This is mostly useful in expeditions and outdoor events that require realizing zero-delay communication. The walkie-talkie module has digital and real-time intercom network with a range of 5-10km distance that makes it a very reliable two-way radio for team coordination in construction sites, event-coordination companies and production plants involving multiple players.

When it comes to no-network areas, users can turn the S90 into intercom mode at once and enjoy unaltered communication. The walkie-talkie intercom mode is key to outdoor explorers on very remote trails, miners below network signals and mountain climbers on high altitudes with no cellular reception.

Digital walkie-talkie module makes the Doogee S90 the safest, reliable and convenient device for real-time communication. Doogee has proved their expertise and superiority as a professional rugged phone manufacturer for outdoor, unhindered, instant communication with previous device models like the S70 and S80, but for the pioneer S90 modular rugged smartphone expectations have way been exceeded.


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