Doogee S90 Introduced At MWC 19 Along With the Y7 and Y8 Series Smartphones


The Doogee took the MWC 2019 to bring to the public its first modular smartphone, the S90. The main differential of this device is due to the fact that it is extremely resistant to different activities, being ideal for people who engage in extreme sports and do not want to give up having a complete product at hand.

The rugged design of this cell phone even draws attention before any module is plugged into it, as it has a much thicker body than we normally see in niche devices such as the Moto Z line. Something interesting about this device is the fact of it has been publicly funded via crowdfunding, which makes the announcement of it even more important to the company’s customers.

In the first leak regarding the product, it was announced that it would have 4 options of modules for the user to expand the ways of using the device: 5000mAh battery, gamepad, night vision, and walkie-talkie. However, entering into the 2019 trend.

Doogee also announced ” Module 5G “, allowing the user to test this new technology and perform activities at high speeds. This accessory has as main differential the fact that it comes equipped with a MediaTek processor and allows download speeds up to 3.5 Gbps.

When you connect it to your phone, it takes over all functions of the phone model and is activated when the user transmits video, downloads songs or shoots, the company says about Module 5G.

In addition to the high-strength modular phone, Doogee showed off its Y-smartphone: Y7, Y7 Plus, Y8 and Y8 Plus. Importantly, the company had already announced the Y8 model in mid-January, including making it available for purchase in China, but showing it at the global event makes it clear that the brand intends to make it available in other markets outside Asia.

In the design part, the models have three basic differences to facilitate the identification of each one at the time of purchase. The Y7-series handsets come equipped with a fringe-shaped notch on the screen, rear-facing dual camera horizontally and do not have a digital reader as a form of biometrics.

The Doogee Y8 series brings the notch drop in the display, giving a greater advantage to the display. On the back, Doogee opted for a design that was very successful last year, where the cameras are aligned vertically and the digital reader keeps company with them.

The company has not released details on the availability date of any of the announced devices, excluding the Y8 that is already being sold but said the Doogee S90 will cost $300.


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