DOOGEE S90 World’s First Modular Rugged Smartphone Supporting Self-installation of Accessory Modules by User


Doogee S90 will be launched in December and will be the first rugged-phone based on a modular concept, with MediaTek Helio P60 and notch. Among the accessory modules, we find a battery, telephoto, speaker, walkie-talkie, projector, and many others.

The market is full of rugged phones, more or less expensive but roughly all the same for design and resistance specifications. Doogee is probably one of the most interested Chinese brands in the sector and shows the number of smartphones in its catalog: after Doogee S70 and Doogee S80, the company is ready to launch the third model of the S-Series that will take the name of Doogee S90. But it will not be a rugged phone like any other, but the first modular model in the category.

At the moment we do not have much technical information, but from what little we read in the official statement, we can certainly say that Doogee S90 will be a unique smartphone: it will support accessory modules such as extra battery, telephoto, walkie-talkie, speaker with amplifier, projector and others for adapt to the different needs of users by improving/enhancing some of its characteristics.

The launch is scheduled for December, but we are already able to give it a look in some official images.

The concept of a modular smartphone is not new, as LG and Motorola have already launched smartphones with these features in recent years, but Doogee S90 seems to reinterpret it. On the back of this smartphone, there is a 24-pin pogo-pin connector through which the various accessory modules will be magnetically attached: simply close the module to the smartphone cover, without removing the back cover or turning off the phone. And you’ll be operational in less than a second.

Obviously, Doogee S90 will work even without its modules, which will be sold separately to enhance some features of the device. Regarding the technical data sheet, we know that the smartphone will be characterized by premium specifications with a SoC Mediatek Helio P60 and a display with a notch. We just have to wait until the end of the year to know something more, so do not lose sight of us.


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  1. Previous model Doogee S80 was flop because of the quality not presented what they said. I hope S90 will be cover such faults, but I must say that Poptel P60 done fabulous to introduced real rugged phones in very short time.

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