DOOGEE S95 Funny LifeStyle Video With Beer (video Included)


Truth is stranger than fiction, the Doogee are gadgets that adjust superbly to your way of life. Made with particularly safe materials so you don’t need to stress on the off chance that they fall. They additionally have different advancements, for example, that its case turns out to be likewise supported so you can put the portable on a level plane and make the most of your preferred substance. Doogee S95 Smartphone is here and you can see in the video that its toughest smartphone which can open up a Beer bottle.

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Doogee S95 has been plan with an extreme shell to ensure it can withstand harsh circumstances regardless of situations, for example, modern warehousing, retail restocking, in-store stock administration and ticket examining. This rough Android telephone is intended to be comfortable close by and to hold to it without any problem.


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Doogee S95 leader cell phone is secures as per IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810G norms. The cell phone will stay operational in the wake of being in the water at a profundity of two meters. It is even ready to withstand a coordinated stream of high temp water under tension. The contraption will stay flawless in the wake of tumbling from a tallness of 1.2 meters onto a hard surface. As some basic components are made of titanium amalgam.


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The best tough cell phone can join solid structures. The valuable capacities for work that is out-of-entryways or for significant stretches of time. In case you’re available for such a gadget, you’ve gone to the correct spot. Doogee S95 Smartphone is a rugged smartphone that helps you in your daily lives. You can easily use this tough smartphone wherever you want because it won’t let you down.


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