DOOGEE V Colors Comparison: Twilight and Aurora Blue, Which One Will You Choose?


To select your next phone’s appearance is important since you are likely to possess this smartphone for at least a few years. If you buy a device with an ideal color, it might feel great each time you pick up your phone. DOOGEE has constantly provided different color options for products like X series. These days, DOOGEE announces a breakthrough will be adapted to the battery cover crafting area of DOOGEE V, which is processed after thousands of times crafting, polishing, electroplating etc., and the innovation is inspired by the sources of Chinese wash painting and laser crafting. DOOGEE V is going to bring two innovative colors-Twilight and Aurora Blue to the public.

Color One: Twilight

Before DOOGEE V being published, their designers states an idea: “In order to explain the beautiful combination of DOOGEE V AI technology and extreme color, we tried to mix the mystic Chinese ink washing and the fantastic color together, then applied it into the back cover of DOOGEE V.” Therefore, a “blue- based purple” twilight has been selected. It is the most mystic tint of nature. At the meantime, this color is also titled as the most popular color by PANTONE Color Researching Cooperation.  

A “ blue-based purple” is described as a dramatic, visional and deep thinking color, which is extremely mysterious and eye-catching. Also, it is full of Chinese originality combining with the key color element of fashion. This color may enter our life step by step in the near future. The great effect of twilight DOOGEE V is when you look at the phone at different directions, you will get slightly different shades that will be appeared with gradient colors from purple to blue. Looking for a smartphone to grab others’ eyes? The twilight one should be the desired choice.

Color Two: Aurora Blue

Since DOOGEE used the laser color to MIX 2 and BL12000 in August 2017, the team has kept striving for beauty perfection of glass craftsmanship. They announce that this is the first time for them to use both auroral coating process and nano-wave texture in order to achieve an aurora blue color. This design idea originates from the teenagers’ pop life and the North Pole aurora, showing a sense of tranquility of arctic night that waits for the fleeting light and shadow; as the illusion of color, like the milky way.

The “water wave” rear cover presents a stunning visual effect. DOOGEE designers applied the newest generation of gradient coating process and picked the color carefully, although the gradient range of laser color is very difficult to control. For example, how much proportion of the purple and the blue should be distributed respectively? That requires the designers and engineers to adjust the color mixing machine over and over again. The latest generation of gradient coating technology brings a unique laser-effect color structure to the rear glass shell, making lesser and thinner coating layers.

This brand new visual experience contributes colorful beauty to the flagship DOOGEE V. For the two eye-catching colors, Twilight and Aurora Blue, which one will you choose to be your next phone dress?


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