DOOGEE V— The Flagship of the Year Debut in MWC 2018


Doogee is a potential phone brand of innovation and revolution, which continuously leads the latest fashion of smartphone industry. It conquered the European market with the glory of being top 10 phone brand and became well acknowledged by millions of users & franchises in 5 years. On Feb 27th, 2018, Doogee will show the annual flagship machine Doogee V in its global release meeting in Barcelona during MWC2018.

DOOGEE V was creatively applied with the global leading in-screen fingerprint technology, meanwhile, it absorbed the latest fashion of appearance designation for the perfectly loaded world top configuration.  

DOOGEE V show its proficiency in design by maximizing the screen to body ratio to 94.85% with its original 6.21”AMOLED pressure-sensitive screen. Moreover, the U-shaped notch screen was presented in 19:9 aspect ratio and the resolution of 2248*1080, which surpassed all the similar flagship machine except iPhone.

One of the most remarkable features is that DOOGEE is the first smart-phone brand to have utilized the optical identification in-screen fingerprint technology all over the world, which effectively removed spaces for a full-screen phone without the dilemma choice of rear fingerprint scheme. There is only two phone brand launched their in-screen fingerprint solution, which is VIVO and DOOGEE. Among which, VIVO employed the optical imaging system, while DOOGEE chose the faster and more accurate optical identification system.

The key to the optical identification system is the OLED module, which emits rays and illuminates the fingerprint, and the fingerprint pattern will be transmitted into the sensor below in the help of the glass screen cover. It is noteworthy that both of two systems are only accessible in AMOLED screen.

In terms of memory, DOOGEE collaborates with SAMSUNG and customized 8GB+128GB EMMC memory flash. This world-first integrated 8G Ram will obviously differ to the 4GB+4GB Ram of other brands and becomes the leader in the whole industry.

Meanwhile, DOOGEE is equipped with quick charge module and a big battery of 4000mAh. The 2.0 wireless charger are designed for various user demand, and the application of NFC units will also accumulate its popularity from another way.

Besides, the 1600MP+800MP Sony large aperture camera and the dual stereo speaker will greatly improve the experience of entertaining. The integrated AI chip and NXP chip will match with the world top class algorithm for the escalation of user experience all-around.

The successful launch of DOOGEE V show its enormous potentiality in technology utilization, and which will also be the landmark in DOOGEE’s brand upgrading. According to DOOGEE official, DOOGEE V will be released in most of the European counties during the end of March and the beginning of April. Please pay attention to its official news at the scheduled time.


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