DOUBLE E C51021W Motorcycle RC Toy| 629 PCS Building Blocks World War II Military| Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


Get yourself addicted to the Flyer’s Bay 2.4 GHz High-Speed Bike. The DOUBLE E C51021W Motorcycle RC Toy runs on 2.4 GHz RC mechanism, which means you and your friends can use this and race on! Best operated in a larger area, the DOUBLE E C51021W Motorcycle RC Toy runs on LIPO battery for long-lasting performance. Designed Aerodynamically to give the thrust and extra speed to the bike. 


The DOUBLE E C51021W Motorcycle RC Toy is designed with durable metal and plastic and is even equipped with thick rubber anti-skid tires. Recommended to be used in an open area to avoid crashing due to high speed. Race this bike real fast with fellow racers or perform power slides and sleek maneuvers all at the tip of your fingers. Remote control cycle action at its best! It’s built with the highest quality metal and plastic with an intricate and detailed finish.


The Motorcycle is a full function RC powered bike meant for sleek riding, stunt slides, and maneuvers. Unique Design minimizes falling over, this motorcycle has front and back wheels (Front have one back have two) that are independently controlled for the coolest of maneuvers. Unique Leaning Action, Figure Leans Side To Side When Steering Vehicle, Bright LED Headlights, Perfect For Outdoor Use And Road Racing! 2.4Ghz Radio Control System For Uninterrupted, Interference-Free Driving, Race Multiple Bikes At The Same Time.

Each remote has three channels which permit simultaneous play for three different people when each one controls his or her vehicle on an individual channel with their separate remote. This feature allows racing, competition, and creative play. Point your remote at the car and zoom forward, backward, forward right, forward left, backward right, backward left, and stop. Buildable construction truck kit comes complete with all the bricks, stickers, instructions, infrared remote and receiver. The car feeds on 3 AA batteries; the remote requires 3 AAA batteries. The car base has a wheel alignment feature unique for building brick RC cars.

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Change the direction through swinging the steering control. Offer you a maximum life-like riding moto experience. We also outfitted this motorcycle with simulated brake, and you can adjust/trim the steering too. The controls are quick to respond and easy to learn with a little practice. It will be popular for the high speed and elaborate design. DOUBLE E C51021W Motorcycle RC Toy is now available on TOMTOP just at $53.99 using Coupon Code: HY5DB.


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