Douxlife GC-RC02 Review – Gaming Chair For Home & Office at $199.99 From Banggood


The new Douxlife GC-RC02 gaming chair completes the gadget segment from the workshop. The chair offers sufficient comfort and convenience with a retractable footrest and is suitable for almost any game set. Douxlife GC-RC02 Gaming Chair offers a solid metal frame, covered with quality faux leather material, 360° swivel seat, adjustable backrest angle from 90° to 180°, pair of removable cushions, seat height adjustable from 126 to 136 cm, travel and rotation adjustment armrests and maximum load capacity 160kg.


With this Douxlife GC-RC02 Gaming Chair, you will become a real gamer! In addition to the standard game layout, Douxlife Racing GC-RC02 also has several color combinations, such as red, white, or even blue. Tilting of the backrest is possible in the range from 90 ° to 150 °. Of course, there is also a 360 ° swivel seat, a height-adjustable seat, or a retractable footrest hidden under the seat. For maximum comfort and convenience, a pair of pillows are provided along with a retractable footrest. However, if the pillows get in the way, you can remove them very easily. The chair has a very strong and stable metal construction that can withstand even more loads. It is covered with a quality and durable leatherette material with soft padding for comfortable sitting.


The equipment also includes soft armrests filled with cotton material and the ability to rotate the chair 360 degrees. Quick up and down movement is ensured by a high-quality gas strut. Stability is ensured by 5 high-quality legs up to 32 centimeters long. The package includes one piece of comfortable gaming chair, which is provided as a demo. The seller offers three color combinations, namely red, white and blue gaming chairs. All three colors are combined with a basic black color. The red and black color of the faux leather cover is similar to the BlitzWolf product, but in a different combination, we can see the two main predominant colors on it. The neck pillow, on the other hand, was given the same style in both cases. 


 We also have a detachable head and lumbar support for our comfort. You can buy Douxlife GC-RC02 Gaming Chair from Banggood at $199.99 in Flash Sale for a limited time.


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