Dow has released Four Models: EVO Nano, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite+, and EVO Lite


Dow has officially unveiled the EVO Nano and EVO Lite series of drones, starting at 3,999 yuan, $620, for the EVO Nano series and 7,399 yuan,$1147 for the EVO Lite series.

The EVO Nano, the counterpart of DJI’s Mavic Mini, also has a foldable body that weighs just 249G and is the size of a palm.

The EVO Nano series is available in four color schemes: Danxia orange, Deep space Grey, Glacier white and red flame red. Equipped with front, rear and bottom three-way binocular vision sensors, which can sense the information of surrounding obstacles in real time, making the flight safer for inexperienced users.

The EVO Nano series has a maximum battery life of 28 minutes. Based on Autel SkyLink’s new image transmission technology, it can achieve a stable image transmission of 10km and a resolution of 2.7K.

EVO Nano series comes in two versions: EVO Nano+ and EVO Nano:

The EVO Nano+ has a built-in 1/1.28-inch CMOS and a RYYB color filter array design that absorbs 40% more light than a traditional RGGB array. With the large aperture of F1.9, the picture is still clear in low light. It also supports the PDAF+CDAF focusing system to achieve millisecond autofocus. The camera supports HDR video and photos, highlights are not exposed, dark details can be seen.

The EVO Nano has a 1/2 inch CMOS image sensor that can take 48 megapixel photos and record up to 4K/30 frames of HD video.

The EVO Lite collection comes in three color schemes: Glacier white, Danxia Orange and Deep Space Grey. The front, rear and bottom of the fuselage are equipped with two visual sensors, and the perception range of the front and binocular vision can reach 150°. The wider perception range of obstacle avoidance gives the UAV a more stable flight safety guarantee. The EVO Lite series has a 40-minute battery life, class 7 wind resistance, and 12km transmission capability.

There are also two drones in the EVO Lite range: EVO Lite+ and EVO Lite.

The EVO Lite+ packs a huge 1-inch CMOS image sensor with 20 megapixels and can shoot up to 6K/30fps video and 20 megapixel photos. F2.8~F11 adjustable aperture, in different lighting conditions, by adjusting the size of the EVO Lite+ aperture, control the light and shadow changes, so that the image quality gets a qualitative leap.

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The EVO Lite features a 50 megapixel 1/1.28 inch sensor, PDAF + CDAF hybrid focus, and 4K HDR video shooting. The innovative four-axis head design allows you to switch between vertical and horizontal shooting with one button, enabling you to shoot 4K/60 vertical video without having to go through picture cropping.


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