Download Minecraft 1.18.10 and 1.18 free apk: Release


Download free Minecraft PE 1.18.10 and 1.18 update on Android devices, master a new mountain biome, breed and tame frogs, try Sculk Blocks, get acquainted with the Render Dragon graphics engine and much more.

Minecraft 1.18.10 and 1.18 Release: Full Version

Mojang developers delight cubic world users creating new blocks, mobs and biomes in the Minecraft Bedrock release 2022.

Sculk Blocks

A new series of blocks that can be found underground. They replace turf, stone, granite, soil and other rocks. The Skulk Catalyst creates skulk streams at the place of mobs’ death.

Of particular interest to the new version of Minecraft PE 1.18.10 and 1.18 is the Skulk Shrieker. Making loud noises it causes the darkness effect. These blocks act as a kind of alarm preventing the uninvited guests’ appearance.

The Skulk Sensor transmits sound waves, and the Skulk Catalyst is an experience storage.

A spyglass

The main functionality of this item is the magnification of distant objects. It allows the Minecraft 1.18.10 and 1.18 users explore the area better. The Spyglass itself is made of one piece of amethyst and two copper ingots.

Render Dragon

The visual effects appearing in Minecraft PE 1.18.10 and 1.18 cannot be ignored because of the new graphics engine Render Dragon. Improved graphics make the world even more realistic by scattering, refraction and reflection of rays.

Stony Peaks

The highest layer of the mountain, which is generated only when the mountain is high enough. As a result, the rocky variant is generated near dry and tropical biomes such as desert, savannah, wasteland and jungle.

In addition, there should be no snow slopes or a grove on the mountain. The surface of the biome in the Minecraft 1.18.10 and 1.18 version consists of stone and layers of gravel, andesite, granite, calcite. The grass in the rocky peaks has a unique light green shade. Only goats live here, but you can also meet outposts of robbers.

Rocky peaks in Minecraft 1.18.10 and 1.18 can be found near deserts, savannas and other arid and tropical biomes. Their generation is possible only if the mountain is high enough, and there are no groves and snow slopes on it. The beauty of the biome is achieved due to the variety of stones on its surface, as well as the layers of gravel, andesite, calcite and granite. Among the mobs, only goats spawn here, and a player can also meet robbers.


In the ecosystem of the ordinary world, the Minecraft PE 1.18.10 and 1.18 developers have added frogs. New mobs from the upcoming Minecraft 1.19.0 update are very friendly creatures.

They spawn in swamps and are presented in three types: ordinary, snowy or tropical. The type of a frog depends on the biome temperature while the tadpole develops. Mobs eat fireflies, and like all representatives of the real world, they can croak, jump, swim and walk on the ground.

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