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A super expected renovation that remakes the game beyond recognition, adding new blocks, a new biome, an item and other transformations of the gaming experience. Just download Minecraft PE 1.18 apk free here.

New Features of the Revamped Game

It took a lot of time to develop and release a large renovation called Caves&Cliffs from developers of the gaming studio. At this moment the developers have released a version with lots of reworked and refreshed features. Check None here.

This time every player can discover a lot of biomes and locations with the usage of newly added features.

New Blocks

Firstly, the programmers have designed a Sculk Block and integrated it into the new version of the cube sandbox. You will stumble into the blocks in the deep dark locations. Deep Dark is a biome where a lot of evil hides.

Sculk Blocks in the renovated game are part of wireless network crafting process. The appearance of the blocks is a dark cube designed with turquoise shades which are animated well too. You will hear a weird sound, like signal, when walking around the block.

Official Soundtrack

Mojanghas got something for players who like listen to the soundtracks. A couple of fresh soundtracks has been added at the revamped version of the MCPE. You can listen to the music with the help of a jukebox.

New Engine

Here we go to the most important part of the article, because the developing studio has decided to refresh a graphics of the game and integrated a new engine for the task called Render Dragon. The engine has been invented by the developers themselves and it brings a lot of benefits to the game what is connected with graphics of the survival sandbox. Since the moment content makers and sandbox programmers have got new functions.

Rocky Peaks

This addition will interest you as well because the fresh update offers you a new location called Stony Peaks and it is mountains and caves. The biome was invented because of the bug fix — the bug presented itself as snow peaks generated in the center of hot biomes.

The decision became of solution of the problem in the reworked game. In addition, it was figured out that it is a great opportunity to integrate adventurous locations for minecrafters to discover.


How to Craft a Bundle in the New Renovation of the Game?

To create this thing, you need to take rabbit hides, as well as one string.

How to Create a Candle?

Take honeycomb and one string.

How to Seek for Amethyst Geodes?

It is easy to stumble into them all around the sandbox.


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