Drawing Tablet vs. Graphic Tablet: What to Know


Drawing tablet vs. graphic tablet is an ongoing debate for years. So, if you are also confused about the two terms, then you are not alone in this. The majority of beginner artists have no idea about the different options available to them in terms of digital drawing services. As a result, they are unable to decide which one will work better for them.

We also went through the same problem and for this reason, we have prepared this in-depth guide where we will discuss everything you need to know about a drawing tablet and a graphic tablet. So, let’s get started!

What is a Drawing Tablet?

Also known as pen displays, drawing tablets are standalone devices that you can use without connecting them to a PC. However, this does not mean that you cannot entirely connect them to a computer. Of course, there will come a time when you will need to connect them to a PC to transfer the drawings you created to software where you can edit them.

So, this means that you can use a drawing tablet anywhere anytime. However, these devices are a lot more expensive as compared to the graphic tablet. That’s because apart from the touchscreen, they come with many other features and special software that you can use independently.

What is a Graphics Tablet?

A graphic tablet acts as a contraption that helps you in drawing with a special pen that comes with the tablet. One of the main differences between a drawing tablet and a graphic tablet is that the graphic tablet does not have a screen. As a result, you cannot use it without a computer or any other device that has a screen.

Since these tablets only offer the users the option to draw without tracking the lines, you will need a screen where you can see what things look like. Thus, it can be a bit difficult to use a graphic tablet as it requires some special training.

Drawing Tablet vs. Graphic Tablet: Side By Side Comparison

Now that you know what a drawing tablet and a graphic tablet are, let’s take a look at their differences in detail below.

1. Accuracy

Talking about drawing on a surface, the accuracy of the lines or filling the paint between the lines is extremely important. Accuracy is the biggest strength of a graphic tablet. Since these tablets have an extremely simple construction as compared to the drawing tablets, their main focus is on the sensitivity and durability of the surface.

Typically, the surfaces of the tablets are designed in such a way that they are both sensitive and react to pressure and movement. So, once you get comfortable with using the tablet, it will be able to create extremely good drawings.

2. Affordability

A common question that young artists have while buying a drawing tablet or a graphic tablet is what their price would be. In this regard, a graphic tablet is a clear winner. The reason for this is pretty obvious if you take a look at both of them side by side.

Since graphic tablets have quite a simple build, they are less expensive in comparison. That’s because their parts are much less expensive than their counterpart.

Lastly, drawing tablets let you draw no matter where you are without the need to connect them to a computer or any other device. However, when it comes to a graphic tablet, you cannot use it without a computer.

3. Learning Curve

Assuming we consider the many high-level drawing and altering choices that you get from utilizing realistic or drawing tablets, any reasonable person would agree that the expectation to learn and adapt for both of these contraptions is somewhat steep.

The thing is, since a drawing tablet accompanies a screen, you can promptly see what you’re attracting a comparable way you would with a typical pen and paper. In this way, figuring out how to control that extraordinary pen is simply a question of becoming accustomed to dealing with it and how much tension you want to apply to define different boundary thicknesses.

Final Words

Now that you know the difference between a drawing tablet and a graphic tablet, we hope that you will make a well-informed decision. However, if you still need to ask anything else, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.


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