Dreame Bot L10 Pro Review – Robot Vacuum Cleaner at $399.00 From Gearbest


Do you already know the convenience of a vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mops without you having to do almost anything? We’ll tell you about it, but… why not buy the Dreame Bot L10 Pro and see for yourself? This new Xiaomi sub-brand robot vacuum cleaner is pure power and efficiency. With a suction power of 4000 pascals and a high-performance LiDAR navigator, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro combines maximum cleanliness and intelligence.


Xiaomi Dreame Bot L10 Pro is enclosed in a round housing, the lack of sharp corners positively affects the movement of the device in the room. Thanks to the low height, the vacuum cleaner is able to clean even in hard-to-reach places. While cleaning, the app draws a route map. Dreame Bot L10 Pro can also mop, which is a water tank with a volume of 270 ml. The waste container has a volume of 570 ml.

The battery with a  capacity of 5 mAh will serve for approximately 200 hours of operation. During this time, it manages to vacuum approximately 2.5 m2. If the battery capacity falls below the critical limit during vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner will return to the charging station and will resume where it left off after charging.

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the Xiaomi Dreame Bot L10 Pro generates a map of the home after the first use. You can then consult them through the Mi Home mobile APP, even set the cleaning schedule yourself, mark key areas, create virtual walls, and much more! In addition, the Bot L10 Pro is compatible with the Amazon Alexa assistant, so if you have a Bluetooth speaker you can give it voice commands – convenient and easy!

Also, the Bot L10 Pro now includes a 570 ml dust tank and 4 power levels. With the lowest level, the L10 Pro reaches a battery life of up to 2.5 hours and emits noise below 65 decibels. In addition, when it detects that it is moving from hard floors to carpets or rugs, it automatically increases the suction power. In addition, the wheels and the side brush have something similar to the damping system of cars to be always at an ideal distance from the floor and ensure that cleaning is as effective as possible.


Last but not least, the Dreame Bot L10 Pro also mops, thanks to a 250 ml electric water tank. The fact that it is electric ensures control of the water output speed so that the water is uniform and the floor is perfectly scrubbed. We can buy it from Gearbest at $399 in Flash Sale.


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