DUOTTS D88 Review – Dual Motor Folding Electric Scooter at €1469.99 From TOMTOP


DUOTTS D88 is a new model from the manufacturer of high-quality electric scooters DUOTTS, which is clearly one of the most powerful machines on the market. It can boast more or less unlimited power, a beautiful long range, and high-quality suspension. DUOTTS D88 foldable portable electric scooter is able to pass up to one charge 100 kilometers, suitable for long trips. The equipment also includes a clear color display, built-in alarm, front, and rear lights, and even turn signals.


The durable aluminum alloy used will ensure high durability even when driving on difficult terrain; while the load capacity of the scooter itself is, according to the manufacturer, up to 200 kilograms. The D88 has 11-inch tires, whether you ride on the road or in the mountains; the D88 offers wider tires that allow you to ride smoother and safer, and the D88 has larger non-slip pedals, providing a better grip, more friction, and better skid resistance to ride in the sand. The DUOTTS D88 ‘s front shock absorption uses an inverted hydraulic shock absorber, which provides better stability, more durability, and longer service life. The high-performance shock absorber can increase the sensitivity of the vehicle itself to ground road conditions and ensure the stability of the vehicle during cycling.

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DUOTTS D88 with high-speed power of 2800w two motors, total power of 5600w. Dual motors can provide more efficient and more powerful power, and dual drive and single drive can be freely switched during the cycling process so that you can maintain high-speed and stable cycling during the cycling process; to ensure cycling safety. Dual-magnet motors can also provide strong climbing ability when encountering steep slopes. The D8 is equipped with rear airbag shock absorption, combined with front and rear shock absorption suspension and front inverted hydraulic shock absorber, which provides multiple guarantees for the stability of the vehicle during cycling. In case of uneven road conditions; the rear airbag shock absorption can provide you with a smoother and more comfortable riding experience and ensure cycling safety.

The DUOTTS D88 is equipped with a good performance adjustable hydraulic brake; which can easily adjust the sensitivity of the brake according to the actual situation; improving the braking performance of the vehicle; so that you can brake safely and smoothly regardless of the dry, smooth, good concrete or asphalt pavement. The D88 uses a lithium battery pack, has a larger capacity, longer battery life, larger battery capacity, and longer battery life can make your ride more stable and safer, faster charging speed, fast charging only needs 8-9 hours, faster-charging speed can meet the needs of your daily fast charging, to make your travel more convenient.


DUOTTS D88 is a great city electric scooter. It has a large-capacity battery that gives it long endurance. It is fully charged and can ride by 100km. It’s a very fastest speed of 85 km/h, enough power to climb large slopes. It’s an electric scooter with very good performance. You can it from TOMTOP at €1469.99 (Inclusive of VAT) in Flash Sale with Free shipping from Germany.


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