DV2 MAX Disposable Vape Pod Review – Offers Continuous Enjoyable Clouds


Since the release of the DV2 Max Disposable Vape Pod from Freeton, it has made a huge impression in terms of design. However, you still need to have an idea of the main features and specs of this portable vape pod from Freeton. As better choice of disposable pod, it adopts the unique reuleaux triangle design which makes it smooth and handy.

Still on the design, Freeton DV2 Max has a professionally carved 3D printing on the body of the pod that captures your attention at first sight. Obviously, the design of this pod offers users the best handling and usage experience for both professional and beginners.

Freeton DV2 Max Main Features And Specs:

  • 1. E-liquid Capacity: 10ml.
  • 2. Number Of Puffs: 3500.
  • 3. Nicotine salt: 2% / 5%.
  • 4. Battery Capacity: 650mAh.
  • 5. Charging Options: Micro USB / USB Type-C.
  • 6. Size: 118 x 21.1 x 21.1mm.

There about twelve (12) popular flavors to enjoy this pod with. They include; Rose LITCHI, Blueberry Ice, Orange Ice, Mango Ice, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon Ice, EARL Grey, Pink LEMONADE, Blue Razz, Grape Ice, Banana Ice, and Strawberry Banana.

Despite the portable design of this pod, it carries a large in-built 650mAh battery that is capable of delivering up to 3500 enjoyable puffs. There are two (2) charging port options for this product and they are;  Micro USB and USB Type-C.

How To Get:

Get more information on how to own the Freeton DV2 Max Disposable Vape Pod for a low price tag on Freeton official website.


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