DWi Dowellin D8 720P Camera Wifi FPV Drone Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


DWI Dowellin D8 is a quadcopter drone that comes with many interesting features. The use of four high-powered Brushed motor makes this drone capable of moving swiftly in the air to do tricks such as rotating 360 degrees.


The DWI Dowellin D8 made of good ABS material and ergonomic, lightweight design to fly in the sky at high speed and stability without any problem in normal conditions. Using its 6-Axis gyro it provides much better performance in windy outdoor and indoor conditions. its range is also good though operator can operate the quad with good range and fluctuate the speed with roll and hover. The weight of DWI Dowellin D8 substantially lights though it consists blades, camera, battery, motor it’s quite good and A thumb up to them. DWI Dowellin D8 looks very impressive. This Blue\Black design reminds of a stealth design With LED flashlight enables you to fly in the dark at night and easy to identify the head and tail. DWI Dowellin D8 has 27.5 * 27.5 * 9cm (with guard ring) dimensions and 53g (without battery) weight.


DWI Dowellin D8 RC quadcopter features a brushed motor under its hood and it supports various kinds of functions such as 3D rollover, forward, backward, sideward, speeds up and down, turns left and down, up and down and hover. It is equipped with a 6-axis gyro that takes care of smooth flying and landing. The drone can function well even when there is a lot of wind and is quite easy to control The headless mode feature of the Dwi Dowellin D8 Drone makes it possible to run in one direction. The DWI Dowellin D8 Drone is an intermediate level drone that can be controlled by 2.4GHz wireless remote control. DWI Dowellin D8 RC quadcopter comes with Wifi FPV real-time transmission and 720pMP HD camera let you see what the camera sees and capture stunning pictures and videos from the sky. Receiver with DVR function to record video and take photos. It can be controlled over a distance of 60-80m. The remote control requires four triple-A batteries. The quadcopter comes with a 3.7V 400mAh Lipo (about 10g) battery that requires 60 mins to fully charge. It offers a flying time of about 6-7 minutes.


The DWI Dowellin D8 RC Quadcopter is an amazing drone that carries a low priced at $36.59 on RCMoment use Coupon Code: SALE10 and 120 points to enjoy price. it’s a wonderful quadcopter that comes with features that are also available on other drones.


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