DYU D3PLUS Review – Powerful 250W Motor Electric Bike For Just $559.59 at Gearbest


DYU D3PLUS is the combination of beauty and strength with a stylish appearance, a powerful 250w motor & amazing 80Km mileage. It’s the most advanced version of the DYU electric bike series based on DYU smart bike D1 & DYU smart bike D2.

Buy DYU D3PLUS Electric Bicycle From Gearbest


This DYU D3PLUS electric bicycle is more in line with the trend of the design, riding this electric bicycle to go to work, there will be many people pay attention, after all, electric cars and bicycles are very common, such as DYU D3PLUS of various modes such as simple electric bicycles are rare, and their weight is slightly heavier than that of an of the shared bicycle, so it is convenient to lift. DYU D3PLUS is largely guaranteed to be safe and durable. In the selection of tires, the DYU simple electric bicycle uses the new tires. The two tires are 14 inches (about 887.5px) in diameter and 2.125 inches (about 135px) in width. These tires are on the daily road. It has a good shock absorption effect.

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This DYU D3PLUS e-bike with built-in 10Ah lithium-ion battery, the maximum mileage of 45 kilometers in pure electric mode, 70 kilometers in electric assistance mode, You do not need to worry about the weakness of the destination. Powerful 250W motor with a maximum speed of 20km / h and a slope of up to 30 degrees, the irregular ground cannot stop your trip.

This simple electric-assist bicycle has a bicycle mode, an electric car model, and a hybrid model. The three modes ensure excellent experience when riding. As for the speed, on the control panel, there are three speeds that can be adjusted at any time, with three low, medium and high gears. Generally, in the downtown area, many people go to low-end, and people are in the middle. And when you go to work every day, because you are in a hurry, plus on the road, you can go straight at high speed.


The DYU D3PLUS electric bicycle is both appealing and approachable, even for people who haven’t been riding for a while. Even without the use of an electric drive. This feeling is only enhanced by the comfort and flexibility of the bicycle on the road. This makes it more than just a multi-purpose bike that can travel to and from the office, and it’s something you want to ride on weekends. We can buy it from Gearbest at $559.59 in Flash Sale.

Buy DYU D3PLUS Electric Bicycle From Gearbest


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