E9 Folding Electric Scooter for School Work City Commuting Weekend Trips in 116.34euro @Cafago Sale


The E9 Folding Electric Scooter  is ideally suited for kids and grown-ups. It has an engine with a force of 150W that beginnings by a heartbeat (To begin working you really want to push once with your foot, to slow down you need to press the back brake).


The E9 is another electric bike that going to our rundowns, which is enjoyable to ride. It is really lightweight around 9.9 kg, the collapsing choice is exceptionally simple and speedy. You can keep it anyplace. The bike made of all over aluminum compound edge aside from the plastic fronts of the wheel. The Icewheel has been known for its basic plan. The bike’s handle is completely rubber treated and it’s great to contact. The counter slip foot deck of this E9 bike boots foot backing and making your rides more pleasant. The size of the bike is 86*13.5*32 cm. The bike has a convenient kickstand. The bike has no lights so assuming you will ride around evening time firmly consider adding a spotlight to your head protector or knapsack. The cost of the E9 bike is truly reasonable and it can bear 100 kg weight.

Folding Electric Scooter


The wheels are 8-inch distance across. The substantial loop suspension situated on the uncommon wheel to assist any kind of awkward bobbing when with riding it. The standard battery requires 3 hours to completely energized. On a solitary charge, you can expect range per charge 10 km under amazing conditions. The battery doesn’t overheat when in control. Be that as it may, the Icewheel is accessible in dark tone and it has additionally max climb limit of 8 degrees. It is stacked with a full stopping mechanism which is electronic brakes. The electronic brakes are initiated in a switch. The bike has a lithium-particle battery which stacked on 29 of voltages. It gives you an agreeable and safe riding experience. The E9 bike’s engine is brushless 150 watts that provides you with a greatest speed of 2.6 km with practically no aggravation.

Folding Electric Scooter


This E9 Folding Electric Scooter is foldable and lightweight, exceptionally advantageous to store and move, an incredible driving apparatus for school, work, brief distance trips. You can easily buy this from Cafago at 116.34euro

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