Eachine E160 Review – 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter For Just $145.99 at Banggood


Let’s meet a super unique Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter which is designed for rc helicopter fans. It is compatible with the FUTABA S-FHSS protocol. The brushless motor provides superpower, and the plane is compatible with 3-axis and 6-axis gyro mode, 3- flight stunt ultra-stable, 6- is especially suitable for beginners to fly.

Buy Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter From Banggood


Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter adopts an all-metal CNC rotor head without aileron design, using aerodynamic principles to design blades to provide strong power and airframe self-stability. Whole alloy material weight 0.97LB is very sturdy with a longer lifespan, which is suit for kids and beginners to play as no serious damage or dysfunctional appearance after many times crashes. The new rotor clip linkage structure, the transmission efficiency is more accurate, with small clearance and flexible rotation, which is more conducive to the accuracy of flying feel.

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The Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter which is a great introductory model helicopter with fantastic scale looks for beginners due to its built-in stability system (3D/6G) that supports smooth and stable flights with resistance to crashes. However, do not let the beginner status fool you. This helicopter is capable of exhilarating 3D and aerobatic performance for those with more experience under their belts. 3D Mode uses the 3-axis gyro stabilization. In 3D Mode, you can easily perform aerobatic maneuvers such as rolling, inverted flight, hurricane, and side flying and much more with the confidence 3-axis stabilization affords you.

6G Mode uses a 6-axis gyro stabilization. This is the perfect model for beginners as it provides a very stable platform as you learn. And become more confident with the model. The dependable precision of its 6-axis stabilized helicopters rivals the stability of larger and more expensive brands while also delivering class-leading Scale Factor and damage resistance. Motion RC stocks a full complement of available spare parts to keep you flying these amazingly affordable RC model helicopters. According to the manufacturer, The battery is a 2S 7.4V of 600 mAh 25C with an XT30 socket. For the autonomy of about 5 minutes. Eachine provides a mode 2 radio control (gas on the left). And you can pair the device with your own radio control if it is Futaba S-FHSS compatible.


The high-efficiency brushless motor makes the Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter much powerful. Thanks to two brushless motors, it features a powerful 3D flight performance. The perfect choice for RC fans. We Can buy it from Banggood at $145.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Eachine E160 6CH Flybarless RC Helicopter From Banggood


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