Eachine Mini F22 Raptor Review: A6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Trainer Warbird Fixed Wing RTF One Key Aerobatic for Beginner


The Eachine Mini F22 Raptor is a Beginner drone for RC fans. Just have a look, you will love it. The altitude hold function, letting you have better flying experience. The Eachine Mini F22 Raptor is fabricated from lightweight Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)/ PS materials, a common thermoplastic polymer giving this device a strong resistance impact. It has a dimension of Wingspan: 260 mm (10.24 inches) and Length: 336 mm (14.17 inches) and weighs 60 grams making it very light.

Buy Eachine Mini F22 Raptor at $69.99

This Drone is capable of carrying out 360-degree rotations towards various directions with amazing agility.  This device features various modes which ensure that quadcopter function properly. The various mode includes The headless mode which ensures that the quadcopter will always follow controls from your perspective all the time, regardless of the way, the quadcopter is facing. It also features the altitude hold mode which ensures that the aircraft maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be normally controlled. Its One-key taking off/landing makes the operation easier and convenient. The drone also comes with one key automatic return function which makes it possible for the plane to find the way home easily.

The Eachine Mini F22 Raptorsports a 1080P / 4K camera, which allows you to take that sublime high-res pictures and video during flight. The beauty mode in the APP helps you beautify and retouch photos before shots at one tap. The drone comes with a 2.4G Remote Control which would enable you to control the device for a distance of about 150m. It is powered by a 1S 3.7V 360mAh LiPo which can fly for about 14 minutes, if fully charged.


The Eachine Mini F22 Raptor is one rear product you would find in the market today. It comes with a very low price tag, which makes it more attractive compared to other drones of its capability. It is currently available on Geabest for $64.99. This price is limited to50 pcs at lowest price, for first batch

Buy Eachine Mini F22 Raptor at $69.99


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