Eachine Mini Mustang P-51D EPP 400mm Wingspan 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro RC Airplane Review (200 pcs limited)


Eachine Mini Mustang Rc Airplane can take off and land vertically, vertical landing, air mode transformation, and furthermore has a blend of novice mode and aerobatic mode, successfully taking care of the issue of little flight destinations, incapable to take off, and apprentices don’t ace the fundamentals of airplane take-off and can not take off easily.


This RC plane has a conceivably surprising structure conversely with most different planes you may have found considering the manner in which that it has no rudder. Or then again perhaps, it utilizes differential push to make turns. It’s not our supported technique for planning considering the manner in which that it makes the plane less adaptable and hampers its aerobatic limit, at any rate, it completes it. The upside of this structure is that there are fewer moving parts that could break and that the more straightforward game plan makes the by and large reasonable cost of the plane conceivable. The plane’s body outline is made using EPP material, an extraordinary decision that makes the plane light and strong. With new basic body-plots structure, simple to assemble, no paste required.


Eachine Mini Mustang Rc Airplane accompanies With 2.4GHz transmitter, you’ll never get any radio obstacle with this RC plane. It has a light body and 3 channels, and it can normally alter its own flying position, which makes it fly deftly. It has cool letters and models on the body of the plane, making it cool to play. Attop P01 RC Plane working time comes to up to 15mins, which makes the plane fly longer than others. the Battery-fueled battery with a USB charging join is very useful, and the charging time is only 45-60mins.


Eachine Mini Mustang Rc Airplane is a commonly superb and secure toy for youngsters and adults you have to try.light and versatile notwithstanding crash block, Detachable fundamental wing and tail wing for the basic vehicle. you can without much of a stretch purchase this from Banggood with $72.90

200 pcs limited for the first batch at the lowest price

Eachine Mini Mustang Rc Airplane Price: $72.9


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