Ecomobl-M24X Review – 4WD Electric Off Road Skateboard For just $1699 at Gearbest (Coupon)


If you’re looking for a top of the line electric offroad skateboard, look no further the Ecomobl-M24X. Its huge 21700 power lithium battery and 4x 2600W Powerful Motor gives it an unparalleled 30KM range per charge and allows the user to choose between different modalities to optimize speed and control.

Buy Ecomobl-M24X Electric Off-Road Skateboard from Gearbest


It comes with massive 200 x 50mm wheels to roll right over all sorts of terrain. The Ecomobl-M24X 4WD Electric Off-Road Skateboard has a design very similar to that of other skateboards and to tell the truth, is that it does not have much scope to change the symmetry of it since to be a skateboard you must maintain certain standards in design, so we can not wait for Greater innovation in this aspect. It is available in a single color, black, a fairly successful color considering that it is a product that is incredibly prone to getting dirty. Ecomobl-M24X 4WD Electric Off-Road Skateboard are engineered for exceptional off-road performance. Solidly constructed with heavy-duty components and powerful brushless hub motors. The patented design features an independent suspension system with over six inches of travel to easily traverse the gnarliest terrain.

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Ecomobl-M24X 4WD Electric Off-Road Skateboard has a Stable Pedal. The pedal surface made of 8 layers of maple which is difficult to disfigure and the net load of 28Kg makes it simple to convey yet, in addition, can tolerate 150kg bodyweight. it Max 40-45KM/H with 4x 2600W power can quicken to 40km/h. Astute Voice Reminder Cool lighting and astute voice update give you wellbeing cautioning tips around evening time. Ecomobl-M24X 4WD Electric Off-Road Skateboard has 21700 power lithium battery 10S/36V/24A battery gives the capacity to your driving, you can drive 30KM every 2-3 hours of charging. The top-notch battery is more secure. The body control framework is delicate and safe, the bearing control is extremely helpful, pursue heart control.


Ecomobl-M24X 4WD Electric Off-Road Skateboard allows a much more stable ride and a faster response. It features powerful 4x 2600W 4WD motors that allow you to travel downtown at a top speed of 30KM, with a maximum range of 40-45KM/H. It is easy to learn and control, great gift for yourself and friends. We can buy it from Gearbest at $1699 by using Coupon Code: N3D63323BE21D000

Buy Ecomobl-M24X Electric Off-Road Skateboard from Gearbest


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