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The ECOVACS Winbot 920 Vacuum Cleaner is an automatic window cleaner that does all the cleaning for you. It is a fairly complete product that stands out by being sold with a storage bag. This accessory does not in any way influence its effectiveness, here is a presentation of its action on glass surfaces. It’s up to you to decide if this is right for you.

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Ecovacs Winbot W920 has a square angular design with 78mm side lengths. It can be affirmed that this design is the premise to create perfect and complete cleanliness even the corners of the glass door (the locations that are difficult to clean and accumulate the most dirt). The Winbot W920 uses a 360° advanced microfiber cloth with excellent water absorption, making the glass surface perfectly clean without leaving streaks.

Especially with such a texture, it helps to wipe all stains without scratching the glass surface. Winbot W920 genuine glass cleaning robot is suitable for cleaning windows, sliding glass doors, glass railings, both inside and outside. An edge detection sensor system and a 4-sided bumper are equipped to identify obstacles allowing the device to operate on frameless windows without fear of falling.


WIN-SLAM 2.0 technology allows WINBOT 920 to safely clean flat glass surfaces using a methodical cleaning path that moves back and forth. WINBOT generates a systematic cleaning path that guarantees complete coverage before returning to the starting point.

Edge Detection

The Ecovacs Winbot 920 glass cleaning robot will be equipped with sensors that create flexibility and ensure safety in all circumstances, thereby automatically setting up proper wiping direction. Edge detection technology is the most important standard that a cleaning robot must have, which will be extremely useful on the terrain of vertical mirrors or glass railings.


Ecovacs Winbot 920 robot cleans thoroughly and systematically through 4 intensive stages, combined with an electric suction system of 2800Pa for strong connection. In order for the device to be directly attached safely without falling when moving vertically, the manufacturer has integrated superior exhaust fan technology on Winbot 920. In addition, this technology also makes the cleaning force stronger, help the glass cleaning process achieve better efficiency.


The automatic mode (auto mode) which is the standard cleaning, the in-depth mode (deep mode) which triggers two passages with different trajectories and finally the precision mode (spot mode) for cleaning a specific area. Another novelty: it is possible to control the Winbot 920 by voice since it is equipped with voice assistance.

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