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The Deebot X1 OMNI Vacuum Cleaner is one of the first vacuum cleaning robots with a suction station combined with a freshwater station. Recently featured on Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel. After vacuuming and mopping, the X1 drives back to its station. There the dust container is emptied and the water tank. The water tank is then refilled with fresh water.

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The Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 OMNI adopts a titanium gray top with sufficient outline and a bottom surround with black fence texture, and the design style is more modern technology. The Ecovacs DEEBOT X1 OMNI adopts a titanium gray top with sufficient outline and a bottom surround with black fence texture, and the design style is more modern technology. We find a rather classic design in terms of the movements of the robot which benefits here from two fairly thick and suspended driving wheels in order to allow it to cross carpets and door thresholds. A free wheel takes its place at the front of the frame. DEEBOT X1 OMNI takes the design of cleaning robots to the next level. By collaborating with the award-winning design company JACOB JENSEN DESIGN, Ecovacs has created an elegant and smart solution for cleaning.

AIVI 3D Navigation

The new Deebot relies on AIVI 3D for navigation. In this way, objects can be recognized, categorized and avoided even better during cleaning. In addition, Ecovacs introduced the voice assistant Yiko, which is fully integrated into the new Deebot X1 OMNI. In this way, the user can interact directly with the vacuum robot by voice and use all of its functions. Incidentally, the suction power of the new model is specified as 5,000 Pascal, which is significantly higher than all previous models.

Rotating Mops

The Deebot X1 OMNI has two rotating mops, as known from the yeedi mop station in this country. Since yeedi is unofficially part of Ecovacs, this is not surprising. The X1 can wash and dry the mops independently in its base station. What is completely new here is that the station is the first of its kind with all the previously known functions. It can wash and dry the mops, fill the water tank with fresh water and also vacuum the dust tank. The mop in particular is a big upgrade over the T9+, moving from a disposable wiper to spinning mops that are cleaned by the docking station every 15 minutes to ensure a high quality clean. Vacuuming and mopping combined really delivers a fantastic finish that’s better than anything I’ve seen manually vacuuming floors. Indeed, as humans, we simply don’t have the patience to work as slowly and carefully as your Deebot will.

Best Connectivity

The Deebot X1 Omni lets you take control of the robot vacuum’s camera system and explore your home from anywhere in the world. It includes two-way audio so you can talk to someone in your home or maybe tell a pet you’ll be home soon. It’s a smart feature that could be useful to many owners. With such a feature available, it also means that you will have to set your passwords carefully, because you don’t want a hacker getting this kind of remote access to your home. Ecovacs has obtained a TÜV Rheinland privacy and security certification for the X1, which is the first of its kind to pursue this type of additional security assurance.

Efficient Battery

The presence of two brushes at the front also allows it to easily collect dust along baseboards and furniture. Not being the fastest in its category in its movements either , this also allows it to forget almost nothing in its path. For example, the Deebot X1 vacuumed, in a single pass, our entire model apartment in about thirty minutes. Depending on the application, this corresponds to an effectively vacuumed surface of approximately 25 m². After such a cleaning session in standard mode, there was about 75% battery left, which therefore promises a total autonomy of about 3 hours.

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