Efox – The 9th Anniversary has just began, welcome to join us!


Efox is a Chinese company, which operates in the international online trade. They have in Germany several business platforms as in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France and Poland and currently are expanding to Russia and Brazil. The company is since 2007 in Shenzhen. For the 9th Birthday of the company, is giving 919 items at very low prices. Lets us see why you should definitely come and join this anniversary!


The anniversary is divided to 3 categories. First category contains items with price less from 9.99€ and you get them at the hottest price ever. Second category contains all items from all categories, for 72 hours at super low prices and the third which is for 300€ but with -10€ in the final price, having by this way the lowest price around.


First category helps you reduce the final price by buying more and saving more in the end. So if you buy Tablet PC and you spend 100€, you get a 5% coupon discount. If you buy something from the EU warehouse and costs 200€ and more, you get a 7€ coupon and if you spend more than 300€, the value of the coupon rises to 10€!


Next category is about items at 9.99€ and below, top picks! Pick items that cost higher for 9.99€ only. So you can pick items like CUBOT V1 bandDZ09 MTK6260A smartwatch and Xiaomi Mi-capsule Half In-Ear Headphones 45 degrees (we will have an review about them later, so stay on)efox04

Final category has everything with up to 50% down from the initial price. So now you can buy the 360 ° Selfie Robot, from €19.99, with 50% off , only € 9.99. The Elephone S1, from the reduced price € 64.99, now for only € 36.99 and Vernee Thor from the reduced price € 99.99, now for only € 54.99!


You can also get BlackView A8 from the reduced price € 49.99, now for only € 29.99. Cubot Dinosaur, with the reduced price was at € 99.99 and now due to the anniversary costs only € 49.99 and finally UMI Max, before was with the reduced price to € 135.99 and now you can get it for only € 72.99! Fantastic reductions!


And we continue with other drop prices in many mobiles, wearable, tablets and so on. Let us see what else efox has for us.


Smartphone promotion with price-drop up to 59%! So now you can buy Cubot Max for €99.99, Vernee Apollo LITE for €189.99, Elephone P9000 Helio P10 for €179.99, UMI Plus for €172.99, BlackView BV6000 for €164.99, YotaPhone 2 International for €129.99, PPTV King 7 for €125.99, Gigaset Me for €159.99, Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro for only €385.99.


And the list of mobiles with the dropped down price continues with YotaPhone 2 Asia for €124.99, Redmi 3 Pro for €129.99, Redmi Note 3 Pro for €162.99, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro for €419.99, Gigaset Me Pro for €199.99, EU UMI SUPER for €199.99, EU CUBOT DINOSAUR for €114.99, EU GIGASET ME PURE for €164.99, EU GIGASET ME for €189.99 and finally EU ELEPHONE P8000 for only €139.99!

You can find any brand at much lower prices, finding what you want easily through the page of the anniversary


For users that want to buy a new tablet, efox has some proposals for us at a much lower price. So you can order Teclast A78T for only €35.99, VIDO T99 for only €49.99, VIDO T8 for only €85.99, Teclast X80 for only €99.99, Colorfly G 977 for only €109.99,  Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 for only €157.99,  Chuwi HI10 Pro for only €159.99, CUBE iWork10 Ultimate for only €159.99 and Teclast X98 Plus for only €159.99!


You want to buy a new smartwatch or a new wearable and don’t know what….efox has some very good proposals at very good prices for all of you. So you could get CUBOT V1 with only €9.99, Moving Up IP67 with only €9.99, Moving Up 2 with only €9.99, NO.1 G5 with only €25.99, OUKITEL A58 with only €29.99, Finow Q1 with only €79.99, ZEBLAZE Blitz with only €85.99,  Finow X1 with only €104.99 and finally Finow X3 with only €109.99!


One last category with the most popular among the items listed in efox, is presenting us and giving to all of the ability to get them at a lower price. So we have Xiaomi Car Charger with only €7.99, Xiaomi Mi 1S band Pulse with only €12.99, Xiaomi Game Gamepad with only €14.99, Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker with only €18.99, Focalmax Lens Sets with only €35.99, ELE Any Charger with only €39.99, ELE WHISPER with only €65.99, Xiaomi Headphones with only €69.99 and in the end the Fiil Headphone with only €125.99!


So move on, time is running. You have only 2 and half days and the items are too many!

We wait you all at the 9th anniversary of Efox!


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