EKEN H8 PRO the new “GoPro Killer”? (Coupon included)


EKEN H8 Pro is the newest release from EKEN Action Cameras. Despite sharing the name H8, there are a lot of differences to EKEN H8 Pro! Even tough H9 and H8 were labelled 4K camera, the 4K video resolution was not native. It was an interpolated 4K resolution from a lower resolution sensor output, but that has changed! EKEN H8 Pro is the first EKEN camera with native 4K resolution!


Since GoPro released their first model, many Chinese action camera manufacturers tried to equal their video quality. This EKEN H8 PRO is the second model after the Xiaomi Yi 4K which seems to be a real competitor for the Hero4 Black.


Compared to other cheap action cameras, this new EKEN model comes with a very reach accessory pack, dual display (2″ live-view and status screen) and WiFi remote controller.

The EKEN H8 PRO camera can be remotely controlled through the EZ iCam App or via the included WiFi remote controller. The Android APP allows to remotely configure the camera but also to stop/start video recording. It also offers a HDMI as well as an USB port. Mic in via USB & A/V out via USB are not available!


Featuring the powerful Ambarella A12S75 imaging processor the H8Pro camera is capable to capture UHD (4K) videos with up to 30 fps and Full HD videos with up to 120 fps. Those who are interested to record some cool slow motion videos will definitely appreciate that the camera is capable to record HD videos with up to 200 fps.

EKEN H8 Pro uses a 12,4 MP Sony IMX078 sensor, the same sensor used in the EKEN H8 as well as Firefly 6S, SJ5000X Elite and SJ8000. The lens is of 170° . With the other models the name indicated if a remote is included (EKEN H9 = no remote / EKEN H9R = remote included). Good news, the remote is included with the H8 Pro, no special name.


Usually EKEN states 16 or 32 GB cards, but 64GB cards also work, they just weren’t guaranteed. Min. class 10 / U1 is recommended. With native 4K resolution recording I would recommend using an U3 microSD card. Like the other EKEN models, H8 Pro features a 1050 mAh battery. Attention! Earlier H9 models were compatible with SJCAM SJ4000 & SJ5000 batteries. The new EKEN batteries with the rounded corners are NOT compatible with SJCAM SJ4000 or SJ5000 series batteries!


EKEN H8 Pro has the same size & button layout as EKEN H8 and GoPro Hero 4. EKEN H9 is a bit larger and has the same size as SJCAM cameras (SJ4000 & SJ 5000 series). As EKEN H8 Pro is the same size as a GoPro Hero 4 it is compatible with most GoPro accessories. 59.3 x 21.4 x 41.1 mm; 61g (including battery)


Included with the H8 PRO 4K cam are Waterproof case, Remote controller, 1050 mAh battery, Handle bar, Helmet mount, Bandage, Tethers, Mounting accessories, Clip mount, Lens cloth, Protective backdoor, USB data and charging cable, Battery charger and H8 PRO quick guide.


EKEN H8 Pro is a camera that you should look for, as it has a lot of good characteristics. At this moment is in presales at Gearbest, but you can order it at a lower price, for $119.99 using our coupon GBH8PRO


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