Elephone EleSecret fingerprint U disk Unveiled


Elephone seems to learn the way of Xiaomi to release various smart products in their product lines, not only smartphones, action camera, quick charger, keyboard, etc, right now they also released the first news about the next gadget, EleSecret , a fingerprint U Disk. So what’s the special feature about this new U disk?


When EleSecret is inserted into computer, there will be a super-simple operation page where five functions will be shown .Respectively, fingerprint management (manage fingerprint), super password (change super password), partition management (management of areas ratio between public and private ),
Settings (change the language, etc.), about the U-disk ( U-disk version display).

EleSecret supports multi- languages to meet the needs of different users in use.EleSecret will be divided into two storage areas, public areas and privacy areas. A fingerprint is needed to get access to the privacy area and view internal data.

The privacy zone aotomatically turns off after minutes of inactivity . This can perfectly prevent others from viewing the internal data after EleSecret is plugged into the computer and the privacy zone is turned on.

Therefore, EleSecret will become the other useful and portable gadget for our life and work, especially protecting our data privacy. Right now we don’t know about the price, but we believe it will sell very cheaply. Stay tuned.


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