Elephone P8 Mini VS Elephone P8 Design, Hardware, Camera, Battery Review


Elephone recently is busy with its new smartphone Elephone P8 MINI advertising. As you know, they have leaked their annual product line about their upcoming smartphones, Elephone P8 and Elephone P8 Mini are the ones of them. But Elephone P8 Mini starts to sell before Elephone P8. In terms of its name, we know Elephone P8 MINI is the lower version of Elephone P8, but do they have other difference?

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Elephone P8

Elephone p8 mini

On the front design, Elephone P8 Mini has a front camera, a receiver, and a notification light, then it is a 5 inch screen, under the screen, it has three visual buttons. On the back design, it has two rear camera, a LED light, a fingerprint scanner, and Elephone logo. As for sideways, it has a TF/Micro SD card slot, power button and volume buttons, two Nano SIM slots. On the top and bottom, it has a 3.5mm earphone jack, Micro USB slot, speaker. However, Elephone P8 has a physical home button to support fingerprint scanner, On the back, it also has one camera. They have different layout about its interfaces.

In screen, Elephone P8 Mini has 5 inch FHD screen, while Elephone P8 has 5.5 inch FHD screen, which is larger than MINI version. Therefore, if you are into smaller screen, Elephone P8 Mini can be a good choice, or choose Elephone P8.


Elephone P8 MINI hardware

Elephone p8 hardware

Elephone P8 Mini is powered by MTK6750T Octa core 1.5GHz processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, while Elephone P8 has Helio P25 2.5GHz Octa Core processor, 6GB RAM 64GB ROM internal storage, which is more powerful than MINI version. Of course, RAM 6GB smartphone will be better one for those high-end users to play large 3D games without pressure. But if you have no high needs for playing games, just watching tvs, Elephone P8 mini will be your type at cheaper price.


Elephone P8 Camera

Elephone p8 mini camera

When we talk about camera, the advantage of Elephone P8 Mini is the dual rear camera, 13MP +2MP, which can take photos clearly at long distance and blur the background to boost human image, and it can also photograph the scene at wider range. Meanwhile, it also has a 16MP front camera for taking selfies at higher level. However, Elephone P8 adopts 21MP rear camera with autofocus and flashlight, which can beat most smartphones less than 21MP sensor. In general, Elephone P8 camera can be even powerful than that of Elephone P8 Mini. And Elephone P8 has as same 16MP camera as that of P8 MINI. Therefore, in terms of camera, we believe they are both powerful. Just depends on your needs.


Elephone P8 Battery

Elephone P8 MINI Battery

Elephone P8 Mini is built in 2860mAh battery, while P8 has 3600mAh battery, considering Elephone P8 with larger screen, Elephone P8 Mini battery life can be similar to those phones with 3,000mAh battery, so Elephone P8 will still be more powerful than Elephone P8 Mini in battery.


Elephone P8 Mini and Elephone P8 both run Android 7.0 OS,  supporting 4G LTE network, multi-language, etc. But P8 Mini supports fingerprint scanner on the back, while P8 has it on its home button. As for price, Elephone P8 Mini starts to sell at $139.99 now, but Elephone P8 will wait for several days to sell. We believe the price should be within $230. Therefore, which one will you choose now?


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