Elephone R9, Elephone S7 VS iPhone 7 Plus Design(Giveaway Included)


Elephone recently has released more news about the next coming models, Elephone R9 and Elephone S7. We have reported a lot about them. But according to the latest news, Elephone decides to compare Elephone R9 and Elephone S7 with iPhone 7 Plus in design. They claim that the design and craftsmanship of these smartphone is tailored and shaped well according to customers’ needs and feedback. So what’s the result? Will Elephone R9 and elephone s7 be slimmer than iphone 7 plus?



You can check the comparison photos we show you. As you know iPhone 7 Plus has 5.5inch screen, but it’s lucky that Elephone S7 and Elephone R9 both have the same screen size as Iphone 7 Plus. According to comparison, iPhone 7 plus looks longer and wider than Elephone S7 and Elephone R9. And the round edge of elephone models are so similar to iPhone 7 plus. We believe Elephone designs this two smartphone that have also taken iPhone 7 Plus for reference. All in all, they all are very exquisite in their craftsmanship.



In hardware, Elephone S7 is better than Elephone R9, because Elephone S7 has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, Elephone R9 with RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, both are powered by Helio X20 processor and 5.5inch FHD IPS screen. Right now Elephone is holding a giveaway on its twitter. You can be lucky to win Elephone R9 or S7 for free.

Compare the price of Elephone S7 from the following stores:

Gearbest:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Gloden at$179.99 , Blue at $199.99   Black at $199.99   Green at $209.99
Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Golden at $209.99   Blue at $229.99   Black at $239.99  Green at$249.99  

Banggood:  Elephone S7 Mini 2GB 32GB at $179.99    Elephone S7 3GB 32GB Four colors at $209.99 ~ 234.99   Elephone S7 4GB 64GB Four colors at  $234.99 ~ 258.99

Efox:    Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at  €129.99     ELEPHONE S7 3GB RAM 32GB ROM at €149.99
ELEPHONE S7 4GB RAM 64GB ROM at  €179.99

Geekbuying:   Elephone S7 MINI 2GB 32GB at $149.99   Other versions will update later.



  1. current Elephone design for R9 and S7 is really astounding..

    I wondering about real availability on the market! keep pushing Elephone!

  2. Okay Elephone you surprised me! Now don’t say that the price will be near iPhone 7!! Then i would have to selly kidney to buy that -_-

  3. Great strategy!
    You guys are taking our attraction with every second news. S7 is still looking better. I loved those curved edges. ?

  4. Well it seems they can pack more into a smaller case. In my opinion, higher screen to body ratio is just making the devices look way better 🙂

  5. nice! i like that they make their phones look nice and in my opinion android phones will always be better than ios, so yay for these phones!

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