Elephone R9 Ultra Thin Design Compared With Iphone 6 Plus


Elephone has started a new R series to expand their phone lines famous for an combination of thinness and beauty. Right now they are busy with more renders of Elephone R9 with ultra thin design to compare with iPhone 6 Plus. It’s said they have started to study the design process for at least one year by their research and development team.


According to thorough and dozens of improvements and test, Elephone R9 design has finally come out with ultra-slim body. In order to prove the better design, Elephone R9 has been compared with Iphone 6 plus as the following picture. Elephone R9 has only 7.55mm thickness, but iphone 6 plus has 7.6mm. Therefore, it proves Elephone R9 is 0.05mm thinner than iPhone 6 plus.



This time, we can see Elephone has really taken much efforts in creating the more beautiful design and holding feel in this elephone r9 for better experience for its users.  Therefore, do you like this kind of design of Elephone R9, or any other idea?



  1. Hi!
    Can you check the weight of the Elephone R9? Elephone says the weight of Elephone S7 is 148 gr. but it really is 171 gr.
    Thanks in advanced.

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