Elephone Revealed Elephone P8 camera Photos samples


With the Elephone P8, Elephone has been working on a new premium smartphone for quite some time. The device has an attractive metal housing, which will also be available in red, and a powerful Helio P25 processor. The real highlight, however, is the camera equipment. This is exactly where the Elephone P8 can shine despite an affordable price.

In the Elephone P8, you mount a 20MP Sony camera on the back. One forgoes thus consciously on a dual camera set-up, which in the lower price class is usually only a gimmick. Instead, you focus on the quality. Also, the front camera offers with 16MP a surprisingly high resolution.

Elephone has now released sample images, which were shot with the main camera of the Elephone P8. This is also confirmed by the EXIF data of the recordings. It can be seen that the main camera in the Elephone P8 has an f / 2.2 aperture.

Qualitatively the two pictures absolutely convincing. The Elephone P8 seems to be doing a really good job in the reproduction of the colors. Also, the sharpness, as well as the detailed richness of the recordings, can convince. No picture can be seen, and also blurring at the edge of the picture is in vain. What is also pleasing is that the rose does not look overstated. Many China Phone cameras have in such shoots problem the individual petals with sufficient gradation to reproduce. The Elephone P8 seems to master this task effortlessly. The pictures definitely make us want more and we are already curious how the Elephone P8 will ultimately be in everyday life.


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