Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Action Camera Review For Just $69.99 in Flash Sale at @Gearbest


We continue to look for the best sports camera in 2017 and this time we come to the new Action Camera Elephone REXSO Explorer K a new mid-range sports camera with a set price and very interesting specifications. A couple of months ago we saw the launch of the new sub-brand of Elephone, the sports camera REXSO, with a new very powerful range. And it seems that Elephone and its sub-brands want to continue along this line, creating very strong models with really adjusted prices that can compete against the most sold cameras right now of the economic-medium range: Yi Lite, Xiaomi Mini Mijia or Firefly 8S. The Elephone REXSO Explorer K is an ultra-thin action camera that lets you shoot mesmerizing video and images. Thanks to its compact design, this little 4K camera can be carried along easily anywhere you go. It comes with an abundance of clips and hooks, making it easy to attach to your equipment. Thanks to its IP68 waterproof case, you’ll be able to use it in all environments. This 4K action camera follows you anywhere you go.

Interesting offer that we have this week in Gearbest.com for the Elephone REXSO Explorer K sports camera. Elephone REXSO Explorer K can be purchased on offer at Gearbest.com from about $69.99 shipping costs included using the (GBELEKSF) discount coupon but only for 5 units per day.

DesignElephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera

In the design section, the Elephone REXSO Explorer K maintains very similar lines to those of its sister Explorer Dual REXSO, except for the variety of colors, where we only find, for the moment, a black finish. We find an action camera of dimensions 59 x 41 x 32 mm, one centimeter more “fat” than the REXSO Explorer Dual, but with a weight of 65 g very similar. On the front we find a polished metal finish, very fashionable lately, where is the lens with a field of view of 170º FOV, two status LEDs and the power button and mode change. In the upper part, you will find the firing button next to the microphone, to leave on the right side the usual WiFi button, being on the left side, the usual connections of micro USB and mini HDMI.Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera

Interestingly, and out of the ordinary, at the bottom and next to the trapdoor of the 1200mAh battery, we will find the microSD memory card slot up to 128GB ( microSD card guide ), indicating the brand that we always use microSD cards. maximum speed U3. In the back, we will find the 2-inch LCD screen, with a fairly common resolution for cheap sports cameras of 320 x 240px, where to preview captures or reproduce those already made.

FeaturesElephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera  Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera

Elephone REXSO Explorer K has a Panasonic MN34120 16 MP sensor and 170-degree wide-angle optics. The hardware is capable of recording video up to 4K 60fps and as a camera, we do not know its maximum resolution. As for the battery, we have a capacity of 1200 mAh which is quite generous while the rear screen is 2 “with a resolution of 320 × 240. We have an App to control and configure the camera via WiFi and connectivity level we have a microSD card reader, micro USB port for data and charging and a micro HDMI video output. and unlike the Explorer Dual model, we have all the information about the sensor and chipset that this model assembles. In the part of the processor.Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera  Elephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera

the REXSO sub-brand of Elephone has opted for a Hisilicon H3559, the processors owned by Huawei, which have already been used for well-known models such as the YI Lite, obtaining very good results. The 16MP sensor that mounts this spectacular action camera is the Panasonic MN34120, the next model mounted on the EKEN V8S and we believe the same as that used in the Gitup 2P Gitup, in this case receiving the Panasonic MN34120PA nomenclature. In this case, the HiSilicon H3359 processor or chipset that assembles the Elephone Rexso 4k will have 6-axis image stabilization, which according to the brand guarantees results superior to GoPro, or at least, similar to those of the Xiaomi Mijia Mini 4K. In this Elephone sports Cam, under the REXSO sub-brand, the videos will be captured using the new .h265 codec and the .mp4 format. This new codec .h265 maintains the same quality as the previous .h264 and reduces the bitrate by half, which will allow you to capture more video in less microSD card space.

ConclusionElephone REXSO Explorer K Waterproof 4K Mini Action Camera

The new camera Elephone REXSO Explorer K offers us another alternative to the native and economic 4K video, although we do not find any strong point that makes us opt for this action camera in particular. With a price that is around $69.99, then buy the Elephone REXSO Explorer K or “pre-purchase” in Gearbest, until December 18, using the (GBELEKSF) discount coupon but only for 5 units per day.


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